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Socialising at the Social Chameleon

I’ve been hanging out often with my friend and fellow single-lady Mollie, and on her birthday, we went to a place new to me: The Social Chameleon.  It’s a relatively new cafe open in what used to be an antique store, then a tattoo parlour, but it’s now a little place that Mollie describes as … Continue reading

A Food Lover’s Book of Days/Dining Alone

I’m on the cusp of completing my intermittent reading of James and Kay Salter’s book, Life Is Meals: A Food Lover’s Book of Days.  It’s a great collection of food trivia, tips, recommendations and personal anecdotes and recollections organised in a cozy package.  I checked out my copy from the Orange County Library, but it’s … Continue reading

Take-out Diary #2: O’Naturals

Working in downtown Orlando, one would think that my options for lunch would be plentiful. Well, in a way, they are, but in a way, they aren’t. My lunch break at work is limited to thirty minutes, which doesn’t really give one time to lounge at a restaurant, waiting for your food or the bill. … Continue reading