Collision Course: Delicious by DS5 with Tim Anderson (Main)

Right, so here is part 2 of the Delicious by DS5 posts I have. It wasn’t originally going to be a two-parter, but I wrote so much in that last post, I had to break it up so I could cover the food and the experience properly.

As I mentioned in the other post on Delicious by DS5, I’m quite ambivalent, if not unconvinced, by the connection between Tim Anderson‘s cuisine creations and a car that retails between £22,400 and £32,000. It was almost as if someone decided, “Hey, people like food. People like pop-ups. We could do a pop-up, and then people will like our new car!”

But then again, I think it’s awesome that Tim Anderson got a chance to play around with some really amusing concepts, ingredients and techniques. He was able to get paid to be creative, and because Tim Anderson is, I feel, a genuinely cool guy, then hell yeah for him designing the menu for Delicious by DS5.

Even if there are animated images of him chopping food endlessly on the event’s Facebook page. Seriously, they are there and they are actually kind of creepy. They’re in the Photos section, but don’t go there unless you want to feel slightly unnerved, because the rest of the photo is completely still… except for his arm, which keeps moving… and moving.

Anyway, my point is that Tim Anderson is cool and if anyone is letting him get crunk in a kitchen, I’m down for that.

Just no creepy animated chopping arms, please. That’s weird as hell.

Yeah, so, pop-up.

I met up with my friend Dan, who had previously accompanied me to Hendrick’s Gin’s School of Reverse Courtship. As with that event, he was the first one to reply back on my Facebook page when I was asking if anyone would be free to go with me to Delicious by DS5, because I tend to try and get an extra space for a “plus one” to these events frequently with no idea of who I will bring. Sometimes I don’t find anyone to bring, and I wind up going alone, but I normally wrangle some willing participant in coming with.

I went on Wednesday, the 16th, which was the first night of the pop-up. I didn’t see Tim Anderson anywhere before or after the event, but perhaps he was out before Dan and I had gotten there, as we showed up bang on time for the seating.

We started with the bread: a fennel-covered bread stick with squeezy olive oil.

Dan, who probably won’t mind too much if I call him a “raging carnivore,” and I had different dishes for all but two of the courses: the salad and the dessert. His first course was Textures of Duck, with “Crispy skin, liver parfait, tea-rubbed jerky,” whereas mine was Textures of Melon.

Textures of Melon comprised of a savoury quinoa crunch-crisp, a tiny terrine of honeydew, rock melon and watermelon, and “melon leather,” the thinnest dehydrated slice of watermelon I’ve ever seen. It was fun to eat, which I think can be said about the entire meal, really, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The salad course, Visions of Beetroot, was the same for the standard and vegetarian menu. The beets were lovely, and I really enjoyed the goat cheese and wasabi cream–it wasn’t too punchy, but just right.

The third course for the vegetarian menu was Flavours of Mushroom, which had a really great risotto cake made with wild mushroom and blue cheese. I love blue cheese. Seriously. I’m wondering if I can make this at home, although I may need to deep-fry that fritter, and I’m actually quite terrified of frying things in oil. This was delicious. Meanwhile, Dan got his Flavours of Beef, featuring a lovely beef fillet. I have no photos of his dish, aside from one on my phone of the beef plate and Dan, grinning widely while giving the finger to a texted recipient. Although that is a great photo, I won’t share it here in case my mother happens to be reading this.

Hi, Ma.

Anyway, onwards to the next course, Sounds of Bacon/Chips, with pork rind popping candy or potato popping candy, and a pancetta lollipop/potato lolly.

A fun way to consume either bacon or potatoes, this was a playful novelty that I enjoyed experiencing, although savoury popping candies/pop rocks are a bit of a twist, as are savoury lollipops.

Continuing the playfulness, everyone was given a minty meringue palette cleanser that had an interesting side effect: the chill of it made us all blow smoke. This little bit of smoke gave us a taste (oh!) of what was to come for the dessert.

This pudding was the same as it was at the preview event, including the fun, smoke-generating concoction in the middle of the table. I actually wound up eating two puddings, because Dan has an allergy to one of the ingredients.

Interestingly, Dan picked out the Visions of Beetroot as his favourite course, and I do agree that it was quite delicious. I also enjoyed my Flavours of Mushroom–risotto, mushrooms and blue cheese should have threesomes all the time. Overall, though, the menu was very fun, very playful and I think that the presentation and the way the food tasted, at least the vegetarian menu, really reflected a sort of cleverness and a sense of joy that you might not often get in taster menus such as this. I’d be curious to see (and taste) more of Tim Anderson‘s work. I didn’t see any episodes of MasterChef, so my prior knowledge of Tim Anderson was that he won in 2011 and that he likes beer.

So, the meal was a fun experience, as was the preview event I had attended in April. But did it make me want to drive off in a DS5? Nah. I live in London and I hate driving. The only extravagant purchase I want to make is that of a smoking gun. Seriously, I’ve seen it used in a cocktail recently as well, and I so want one now.


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