Dear Internet: Help me find a job this month and I will bake for you


So, like many other young(ish) folks in cities all across this great globe, I am looking for gainful employment. In addition to applying for jobs online, and having a cadre of kind friends keeping their eyes and ears open for job opportunities for me, I’d like to put out a request to those of you out there in the internet world based in London to let me know of any jobs going.

If you do, there may be something in it for you.

Basically this: help me find a job this month and I will bake for you. Simple as that. It will be my way of saying “thanks.”

To further elaborate, here are some possible FAQs:

Who are you, and what sort of work are you looking for?

If you are new to my food blog, onto which this post is being posted (as opposed to my Abandoned in London photo blog, although I may post a link there to here), I am an American living in London on a post-study work visa, which I got after graduating from SOAS with a Master’s in Anthropology of Food. I got Merit, if that impresses you any.

Right now, I am looking for any sort of work that will basically help meet my needs of food and shelter that ideally isn’t in retail or in the service industry. I work in a pub right now, and I’d like to have a job during the day to help supplement my income as well as build experience in administrative and social media work.

Here is my LinkedIn profile. My most recent work dealt with communications and social media. I have experience in writing content for websites and using social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook in an organisational context. I should also mention that I can type very fast and I have a good sense of humour, according to friends and co-workers.

I should be clear that when I mean “job,” I don’t mean “awesome career of my dreams,” but rather “something that will enable me to earn money.” I will happily work reception in an office or gallery, file papers in a studio, write reports from home or perform any other sort of general (or not-so-general) tasks required in work in administration, communications, events, social media and writing. The job can be full-time or part-time, permanent or temporary, but it must be in London with reasonable commute from where I live in Stoke Newington.

How can I help?

Glad you asked! If you hear or see of a job opening, let me know! It could be something as simple as sending me a link on Twitter to a reception gig in Wapping, mentioning me to a colleague in need of a junior communications officer, or responding in the comments section with a few suggestions of places to look at for creative or administrative work.

Just get a hold of me! You can comment at the bottom of this post, tweet to me or send me an e-mail.

What’s in it for me?

If I apply for a position you suggested and am offered the job, I will bake for you. I will bake something at my house and arrange to bring it to you, probably meeting with you in a pub in the central, north or eastern parts of London. I can alternatively post you a parcel of baked treats if you live in the UK. I will aim to do this within a month of starting work.

I used to work as a baker in a café, and I can make an array of simple homemade treats for you to enjoy. Here are some examples of what I have made:

I’m afraid I can’t make macarons or cheesecake, but I can throw down with a number of other things. I am able to bake vegan items as well, but am afraid I’m not familiar with how to make things that are gluten-free. I’m willing to give it a go, though, especially if you have a recipe handy. Update: Thanks to this wonderful piece on NPR’s website, Baking Without Flour Brings Sweet Results with its superb recipes, I am no longer daunted by the idea of baking gluten-free products. Rejoice, o gluten-intolerants!

I can also bake savoury treats, such as rosemary shortbread cookies, jalapeño cornbread or red pepper and parmesan scones. Just let me know what you’d be keen on having as a “thank you for finding me work” gift, provided that it is meatless, as I am vegetarian and I won’t prepare anything with meat.

In other words, no bacon cupcakes. Sorry.

Thanks for reading this. It may be sort of silly to ask, but I could really use any help right now. I have a lot of plans for projects in the spring, and it would be good to have some funds saved up to work on those projects. Plus, I know somewhere out there in the Big Smoke there’s a space for a creative, hardworking gal like me who, in periods of economic security, will bring in baked goods such as those shown above from time to time to share with work colleagues.

Again, thanks.


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