The Kernel Brewery, aka Further Confirmation that I am a Beer Dweeb

I love beer. If you’ve been following this blog, you should know I love beer.

But when I mean beer, I mean good beer. Delicious beer. Beer that’s so great it’ll make your eyes widen with the epiphany of how magnificent it is. Beer that makes your tongue want to bathe in it for its entire existence in your filthy mouth. Beer that is majestic, wondrous, beautiful, amazing, etc.

Being a lover of beer, if not a passionate fiend for it, I have made a couple of Saturday morning/afternoon trips to The Kernel Brewery‘s table at the Maltby Street Market to buy some of the most intense and idiosyncratic examples of good beer in this city.

When I went most recently on New Year’s Eve, the market was mostly deserted save for the archway that was open for cheese, meat and Kernel beer. A small handful of people were gathered, drinking halves of the beer they had on draft that day, which was the India Pale Ale Citra. I’ve had the IPA Citra before, made with Citra hops that give a fruity, flavourful characteristic to beer.

I’d previously gone to the Kernel Brewery’s table with my friend Tim, a colleague at the pub I work at that sells Kernel beer, so we knew what wondrous beery amazement we were getting into. Rob, on the other hand, had never had beer from The Kernel Brewery before, so it was a pleasure for me to purchase our halves of the IPA Citra and hand him his glass.

If there is such a thing as a beer dweeb, I am one. In spades.

But I’m in good company, as there were quite a few people who turned up with backpacks and bags to purchase the bottles The Kernel Brewery were selling that week. I bought six bottles of beer that day, which consisted of pairs of the India Pale Ale Nelson Sauvin, Imperial Brown Stout and Stella for Breakfast, a stout that was a collaboration with Brodies Brewery in Leyton. The total for these six beers wasn’t cheap at £19.20, but considering the small scale in which these beers are produced, the uniqueness of the brews and that the Imperial Brown Stout cost more for being 9.8% ABV (£4 each), I don’t feel any guilt in parting with my money for what will certainly be fantastic beer.

If you’re keen on tasting some of The Kernel’s magic yourself, you can go to their table every Saturday at the Maltby Street Market from 9 am until 3 pm. Their beers are also available throughout London at various retailers and pubs, and in a few places outside of the city. Have a look here to find a place close to you. It’s important to keep in mind that the beer they have on offer changes frequently, which keeps it interesting as well as encourages people to try different beer. Check out their website to see what’s on offer. I think their Saturday stand is cash-only, but I could be wrong on this.

I haven’t dipped into drinking yet from my latest stash of beer purchased from The Kernel, but I do have a healthy list of favourites. So far, I’ve really enjoyed the Pale Ale Motueka, the IPA Centennial Simcoe, the IPA Citra, the Breakfast Stout, the Export Stout London 1890 (and the other Export Stout), the India Brown Ale and the Imperial Brown Stout. But there’s lots more to try from The Kernel’s vast rotating selection of pale ales, IPAs, stouts, porters and black IPAs, so there won’t be a shortage of new ones for me to try anytime soon. I’m looking forward to my recent purchases, as well as trying out other brews throughout this new year.


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