Saturday & Sunday: The UK RumFest

I’ll be going to the UK RumFest at Kensington Olympia 2 tomorrow.

There’s still nothing really on their site regarding the Tropical Food Area, so my journalistic associate and I will be likely making a trip to Notting Hill prior to the hullabaloo and hitting a Mexican restaurant, El Camino, which I haven’t gotten a chance to go to since I’ve been back in London. If there’s room, maybe we’ll have some plantains at the festival. Mmm… rummy plantains!

I am also on the hunt for a bottle of rum that will be my Hot Toddy Rum. Will it be Australian Bundaberg rum with it’s very un-tropical polar bear logo? Maybe a bottle of Pyrat Rum? Or perhaps the aforementioned rum by Ron Jeremy? Apparently, the adult film star and rum aficionado will be at the festival on Saturday. Could we perhaps see an interview with him here on TastyFever??

Eh… not likely. But I’ll try and take a few snaps of him if I can for y’all.

If you want to get an idea of what this year’s RumFest might be like, have a gander at this video filmed from last year’s event that took place. Apparently there will likely be lonely men dressed up like pirates who have issues with Johnny Depp, nearly-naked feathered women and “rum peddlers” pusin’ their wares.

There are a few more videos from RumFest 2010. Let’s see if my associate and I wind up getting interviewed for the videos this year. Maybe I can get him to dress like a pirate.

The UK RumFest
15-16 October, 12 noon to 6 pm
Hammersmith Road
W14 8UX


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