Camden Town Brewery Tour

So earlier this week I was lucky enough to be on a tour of Camden Town Brewery, a small brewery located right here in London and, due to the wonders of the Overground, is only about fifteen or twenty minutes away from where I live.

Located in a handful of railway archways, Camden Town Brewery brews craft beer carried in a number of different London pubs, including The Jolly Butchers in Stoke Newington, The Charles Lamb in Islington and The Bull & Last in Hampstead Heath. Popular brews include their Hells Lager, Camden Wheat Beer and their Pale Ale.

I was with a group of other folks and we got to tour the premises, starting at first in the office area where we were introduced to some of the ingredients that go into the beer as well as the process of beer-making. Afterwards, we had a walk around the place, where huge stainless steel stills stood quiet as there wasn’t any beer that was particularly being brewed on that day. Instead, we heard the noise of other industry around the brewery–the hose shooting water to wash down the floor, the banging of kegs against each other and the sound of “Cannibal Resource” by Dirty Projectors from a boombox.

After the tour of the grounds, our group went back to the office area for some tasting of the beer that the brewery makes. My favourite was the Camden Wheat Beer, which is a nice, unfiltered wheat that had a lovely aroma and a fine taste. It’s a bit darker than many wheat beers I’ve had in the past, and that made it quite interesting.

Camden Town Brewery seems poised for growth, with more tanks to be added soon in the space for more beer, along with plans for increased bottling production and a bar area in their office to be open to the public later this year. The brewery does have a very basic website along with a currently unused Twitter account, but don’t be fooled by their small online presence; their beer is stocked by a rising number of pubs and bars–over a hundred as I was informed. It’ll be interesting to see Camden Town Brewery grow.


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