Beer #5: Great Divide Colette

Recently at Stardust I noticed a new beer bottle appear in the beer cooler that piqued my curiosity: a dark brown bottle with a yellow label with the name “Colette.” I’m a sucker for good design, and the label of the bottle features a lovely silhouette of a young farm girl with a pitchfork. Very pastoral.

So one afternoon, I tried it out at Stardust, and I really enjoyed it. The beer is fashioned after Belgian-style saison farmhouse ales. We have a nice Belgian saison ale called Saison DuPont on tap at Stardust, and this one was very similar. The flavour of it is quite nice–a mix of wheat ale with a citrusy taste, very bright and delicious. The taste of Colette is a bit complex, but it isn’t overly flavoured, which is why I liked it.

Colette is a good beer to enjoy in warmer weather when you don’t want something as hoppy as, say, an IPA. It’s perfect on some of the hot days we’ve been getting here in Orlando, when a stout just won’t do. It’s also a good choice to be paired with foods such as sandwiches, hummus and pita, falafel wraps, burgers and tater tots. The saison-type beer seems to be great when paired with food, or just on its own. The Colette is 7.3% ABV, which is a bit high, but the alcohol isn’t something one notices when drinking a bottle, except perhaps for its dry finish.

I’m not sure if I have had other beer before from Great Divide Brewing Co. Great Divide started in 1994, and the brewery has won many medals and awards for its beer. It’s been recognised as one of the All-Time Top Ten Breweries on Planet Earth by Beer Advocate as #7 on that list, which is quite impressive.

Apparently, Colette is a seasonal ale, available from April through July, so now’s the time to start enjoying it before it’s no longer available. Pity the season for it can’t be extended in warm places like Florida.

  • Beer: Colette Farmhouse Ale
  • Brewery: Great Divide Brewing Co.
  • From: Denver, Colorado
  • Purchased at: Stardust Video & Coffee, Orlando, Florida
  • Notes: A great American interpretation of a Belgian farmhouse ale, the Colette is a good saison brew that’s a wonderful choice as a spring and summertime beer. It’s flavourful without knocking you in the face, and is a good choice for someone wanting a lighter beer without going for something that’s very hoppy or bitter. A swell pick to drink alongside a very wide palette of dishes: sandwiches and hamburgers, channa masala and garlic naan, tater tots and potatoes au gratin.

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