Sandwich Bar, Robinson Street

I love sandwiches. If there was a type of food that I was restricted to eating, I would pick sandwiches over pizzas, curries, sushi, burritos, wraps or any other sorts. I could potentially live and live all right as a sandwichterian. Thankfully, I won’t have to (as I do love some pizza & etc), but in the remote chance I would have to, Orlando wouldn’t be a bad place to live off of sandwiches, as we have a number of places that make some pretty yummy ones.

Sandwich Bar, which has been open for about a month in Orlando’s Milk District, is a welcome addition to the sandwich trade. I’ve gone there three times now, with all three times getting their vegetarian Two of Hearts sandwich on a french loaf. The sandwich has pesto, which is a favourite sandwich condiment of mine, along with artichoke hearts, hence its name. This most recent time, however, I opted to get a second sandwich off of their vegan menu to try something different. Sandwich Bar has vegan sandwiches, currently two different types, and the one I had, the Big Hass, was delicious. Avocadoes, cucumbers, lettuce and deliciously spicy jalapeño hummus. You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy it.

There are options for those who would like to have some meat in-between their two slices of bread, so this is a good place to take your mixed-diet friends, especially vegans who aren’t always able to find a sandwicheria that carries bread free from dairy or eggs.

Sandwich Bar is still relatively new, and the staff are still trying to tweak the menu a bit, seeing what works and what doesn’t work. A shiitake mushroom sandwich will be coming off the vegetarian menu, for example, and apparently the vegan bruschetta will be a dollar cheaper. All three times I’ve been in, the staff have been super friendly, answering questions I’ve had about the food, the place and other things, like the upcoming Thee Oh Sees show at Will’s Pub.

The sandwiches range from $6 to $8.50, which is about average for Orlando sandwiches. Chips were available for purchase as a side, but for me, the sandwich alone was sufficient in filling me up the times I’ve had it. Beer is also available, such as the Cigar City Maduro that I used for my most recent 50 American Beers Project. All in all, Sandwich Bar is a welcome addition to the sandwichscape of Orlando. The reviews on Yelp seem quite positive, and I’m looking forward to either going here with my vegan and carnivorous buddies, or picking up sandwiches for take-out.



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