Beer #3: Cigar City Maduro

It’s been over a month since I last blogged about a beer in my 50 American Beers Project, much to my embarrassment. Here to rectify that is the newest beer to be featured in the project, and our first Florida beer.

Cigar City Brewing of Tampa is the source of the Maduro, a deep rich brown ale I selected from a line-up of bottles at Sandwich Bar, a new sandwich and beer joint in Orlando’s Milk District on Robinson Street. I’m a sucker for brown ales, as I’ve discussed with Beer #2: Red Brick Brown, so after eating two halves of two different sandwiches from the Sandwich Bar menu (reason being will be discussed in a future post), I went for the Maduro.

The Maduro is a very malty brown ale, much heavier on the tummy than the Red Brick Brown or your average pint of Newcastle, with a very full body. The name of it made me taste in its richness flavours of tobacco in addition to dark chocolate notes. On the website, the Maduro is referred to as “Maduro Oatmeal Brown Ale,” and it does feel like an additional meal when imbibing, but that could have been because I had just eaten two halves of two delicious sandwiches.

At 5.5%, the Maduro is higher in ABV than the English-style brown ales it hearkens, but at a fairly average ABV by American microbrewery standards. It is one of two beers Cigar City Brewing offers year-round, with the other being the Jai Alai India Pale Ale (7.5% ABV). All in all, it’s a beer that one would enjoy if you’re fond of heavier, sipping beers–it almost strikes me as a light porter. This is the sort of beer that Dos Equis guy should be drinking–a proper distinguished beer that tastes as if it’s a little older and wiser than most beers kicking around.

  • Beer: Maduro (Oatmeal Brown Ale)
  • Brewery: Cigar City Brewing
  • From: Tampa, Florida
  • Purchased at: Sandwich Bar, Orlando, Florida
  • Notes: A dense brown ale that seems wrought from the wooden sides of a well-aged cigar box. Could be too heavy for some tastes, but quite smooth with its ultra-dark chocolate and rich coffee notes with a hint of tobacco leaf. A friend for any foods that can match its weight: a nice organic steak, some Cuban beans & rice, fried plantains, barbecued tempeh, blackened organic chicken served with yellow rice. A good candidate to try and turn into a beer float with a scoop of vanilla or chocolate ice cream.



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