Starting up the Stardust oven again

So, after lolling about unemployed at my parents’ house, I’ve begun baking again at Stardust Coffee & Video (or Video & Coffee… one of them).  Last night I took a break because the water was turned off at my parents’ house due to a suspected leak, but the past handful of days have seen an assault of scofferings at the Dust.

Scofferings = an item or offering that is edible, ie ready to scoff.  It’s a word I made up, because saying “baked goods” over and over gets old.  And because I like to make up new words.

So far, I have made an array of things I’ve made before the move to London, like these allspice muffins above, along with gingerbread cake and scones.  Also, I’ve dabbled with a few things I haven’t made with varying success, like these savoury scones made with roasted red peppers and parmesan cheese, which turned out really well.

Unlike before, when I would make a short commute from my place on Ferncreek to Stardust, I worked in the mornings, but now I’ve been baking through the night, which allows me more time to bake more things and to work on more labourous items.  I’ve been keeping odd hours as a result, waking up at around 3pm or 4pm and often leaving home only after the sun has set.

Although I am still looking for work, the fantastic folks at Stardust have provided me a job I love doing in an excellent environment, working alongside their wonderful selves.  I’m glad for it.

So go buy some scofferings at Stardust to make sure I can keep baking!  I need the work.


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