Brew Masters, aka I’m Watching Too Much TV

So, my arrival into the bosom of America was not only greeted by American portions and sizes, but by American television.  Shortly after taking over my parents’ guest room, a new show premiered on the Discovery Channel: Brew Masters.

“I’ve got the greatest job in the world: I make beer.”


If you’ve been keeping up with this little food blog of mine, you probably have gotten the hint that I really like beer. So, a television documentary show on Dogfish Head Brewery, a craft brewery whose works I’ve had in bottle form.  Dogfish Head is a brewery out of Delaware (State Motto: “Liberty and Independence.”) that makes lovely craft beer and, apparently, has a very television-friendly founder in Sam Calagione.

So far, I’ve seen the three episodes of the show that have aired, and I’ve really enjoyed it, because it lets the view sort of go behind the scenes at a brewery, watching people come up with the concepts for beer and creating test batches for it, as well as watching them make the beer and to see what mishaps can happen at a brewery the size and scale of Dogfish Head.

Plus, it’s lovely beer porn.

Not only that, the staff of Dogfish Head seem to have a pretty quirky sense of humour.  Look at their video for Making Bitches Brew and tell me they don’t.

So far, I’ve seen the people of Dogfish Head make a beer in tribute to Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew album, brew a chicha beer that involved masticated corn (really) and, in conjunction with Epic Brewery in New Zealand, create a beer using to tamarillo, aka the tree tomato.

A show like this is great because it’s focusing on not on large national breweries, but on one of the smaller regional ones, although Dogfish Head is quite a decently-sized brewery, producing 75,000 barrels of beer each year, according to Wikipedia.

Brew Masters is on Monday evenings on the Discovery Channel, 10 pm Eastern and Pacific time.


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