Thanksgiving 2010: A Review

Thanksgiving this past Thursday was a day of intense eating.  I haven’t been so full in ages.  It was wonderful, although also slightly agonising when you have such delicious food in front of you and you’re struggling to eat it all because you’re already so full.

But I managed.

My meal with my parents actually turned out quite well.  The Tofurky roast was good (although slightly salty) and quite filling–two thick slices of the fake meat was all I needed.  The ball of roast looked modest at first, but honestly, the roast could have easily served three people along with the side dishes, probably even four.  I added chopped carrots and chunks of sweet potato to the roast pan.  Had I been a bit more thoughtful, I would have gotten some fresh herbs such as rosemary or sage, which would have been a lovely addition to the veg.

I also made the gravy, which saved my mother, as she had forgotten to get it.  I used the gravy recipe that was on the side of the Tofurkey roast box, and it turned out quite well.  There was plenty of gravy left over, and my mother seemed to like it with her frequent calls for “Gravy!” at the table.  She made the green beans, and the stuffing came from a simple mix and there’s the classic cranberry sauce/jelly.

This plate was quite filling, and I was quite full after it to the point I had to lie down and let my belly recover… and prepare it for the next Thanksgiving meal it was going to experience over at my friends’ place.

Marie is a wonderful cook, and she decided earlier this year to share the vegan lifestyle her boyfriend, Mike, has been following for many years now.  This Thanksgiving, she had outdone herself in making a vegan Thanksgiving spread featuring many different stages.  The starter featured homemade dolmas filled with cinnamon-spiced rice, pita bread, olives with lovely lemon zest and hummus that her boyfriend Mike made up.  The pita bread was interesting, because Marie made them from scratch.  Quite a bit of effort!  And this was just the first course.

Next, Marie presented a simple salad of romaine lettuce and vegan caesar dressing.  Actually, it was deceptively simple, because Marie not only made the vegan caesar dressing, but she also made the vegan worcestershire sauce that the dressing needed as an ingredient.  Yeah, seriously.  Elsewhere on the internet, I’ve described Marie as “a vegan Martha Stewart, without the jail time.”  But Marie may just out-Martha the great Martha.

Case in point: the next dish Marie served was spiced pumpkin soup with vegan sour cream topping.  Yes, Marie made the soup, but she also made the bowls.  Granted, she didn’t make the bowls specifically for this meal, but still.  The soup was quite delicious and warmingly spicy, and would have been well-suited for a chillier climate than what Florida is currently offering us right now.  Despite the warm temperatures of Orlando, the pumpkin soup managed to spice up the mood to holiday tones.

After this, I’m afraid I needed a bit of a breather, for my tummy was already getting a bit full again.  Marie, ever the accommodating hostess, made my plate of mains baby-portioned, which I, slowly but surely, savoured.  The main entree was a plate of country-fried seitan, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and gravy and kale.  It was magnificent.


We all had to have a bit of a break after our main course, but it didn’t take long for us to feel ready for dessert.  We had two: blueberry pie that Marie had made, and apple crumble made by yours truly.  The two, snuggled happily underneath vegan coconut whipped cream, were best friends on a plate.

And yes, both the blueberry pie and the apple crumble were vegan.

So Thursday was the day I was well-fed, so much so I woke up fairly full the next morning.  Hooray for Thanksgiving!  Hooray for eating yummy food!


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