Gettin’ all Thanksgiving up in here

So, this year I’m back in America celebrating Thanksgiving.  I’m lucky because I get to have TWO Thanksgivings–one with my parents, and one with my friends Mike and Marie, who are going to throw down a vegan Thanksgiving.  Tonight I’m going to make apple crumble for both meals (one vegan, one conventional), and I’m also going to take out my little Tofurkey roast to thaw.  This is actually my first time every buying a Tofurkey roast, so I hope it will be good.  I mentioned it at dinner last night with some friends, and two people were at odds as to whether it was good or not.  My particular roast doesn’t have gravy, so I’m hoping to make some mushroom gravy, provided that someone remembered to buy me mushrooms from the store.

I’m not really too sure what my parents are cooking up for Thanksgiving lunch, and how much of the side dishes are going to be something appropriate for a vegetarian like me, but I’m not too fussed, since I’m having Thanksgiving dinner with Mike and Marie.  I already know there’s going to be vegan blueberry pie there.  The last time I had Thanksgiving with my parents in 2008, I made blueberry cornbread.  I may have made something else, but I can’t really tell from this photo, although I know that blue-lidded tupperwear next to the cornbread is one I used to own.

As a vegetarian, I can get by with eating side dishes at most Thanksgiving meals, but not always.  Although there are a lot of veggie and potentially-veggie items in this photo, for example, I’m afraid I’m a bit picky.  I don’t like sweet potatoes done up in a sweet manner, as they are in this photo.  Nor do I like brussel sprouts.  Also, I have a sort of ambivalent relationship with pumpkin pie, which is one of those traditional dishes right up there with the turkey for Thanksgiving.  I seem to remember one meal in which all I had available to me were burnt biscuits and rice.

Okay, on second thought, maybe I’ll dig through my cookbooks and old copies of Everyday Food to see if I can find an extra side or two to cook for the meal with my parents tomorrow.

For those of you who are into looking at the history of Thanksgiving, NPR reveals that there was likely no turkey at the first Thanksgiving meal.  There was, apparently, deer, and it wasn’t particularly a family affair.

And if you are in London and looking for a taste of some Thanksgiving turkey and lack connections with any American expats inclined to cook, The Londonist has put together a wonderful article on where to celebrate Thanksgiving in the Big Smoke.  Many of the meals are quite costly, but a few options seem to be quite affordable.

I’ll be taking photographs of what my Thanksgiving meals turn out to be tomorrow.  Hopefully the Tofurkey roast won’t disappoint.  If you’re celebrating it this Thursday, what are you having for Thanksgiving?


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