Pub #35: The Yorkshire Grey, Theobald’s Road

The Yorkshire Grey was a pub I often passed on the bus, and I thought it looked quite cool from the outside.  A grey pub front that looked quite modern, it looked like a gastropub that probably was quite nice.

My visit back in August to the Yorkshire Grey was due to an aborted attempt to go to Banh Mi Bay next door.  Because Banh Mi Bay closes between lunch and dinner times, I was caught there about half an hour before they opened for dinner.  Hungry, I decided to pop in next door and see about getting some pub food.

At the bar, I ordered a pint of a Deuchars and a portobello and halloumi burger for £10.50.  However, my pint of Deuchars never happened, because the lines for the ale needed to be cleared of the water.  I received a pint that tasted watery, so I returned it and received a pint of Doombar instead.  The woman at the bar who was working seemed sort of inexperienced.  If it was a case of just getting the ale through the line after having recently changed the cask, then she could have just went at it until the ale emerged in its happy state, as a couple of customers were suggesting that she do.  Instead, she sort of smiled and shrugged, and I wound up with Doombar instead.

Doombar is all right, but not my favourite.

When the food arrived, I took a photograph of the burger, and saw something that looked like a hunk of mozzarella underneath the burger.

Weird, I didn’t remember mozzarella being in the burger description.  The halloumi seemed to be covered with a melted cheese as well.  Oh well, quite a lot of cheese, but no matter.  Better extra stuff than not.  I covered the burger with the bun and had a bite.

And what I thought was mozzarella was actually mayonnaise.  A huge, huge dollop of mayonnaise.

Allow me to quote what I had written in the description of the burger photo on my Flickr account:


I mean, really, do you see how thick that is with mayonnaise?  That’s what all that white stuff is on the bottom.  It’s disgusting.  I don’t know what it is with people and mayonnaise.  I can handle a bit of it on a burger or in a sandwich, but after a traumatic experience at a Virginia Subway chain years ago, I’ve pretty much lost my taste for it unless it’s something like coleslaw or flavoured somehow.  If I can leave it off a sandwich or burger, I normally do so.  It’s excessive mayonnaise use such as this that pretty much ruins the condiment, and a meal, for a person.

I didn’t finish the burger.  I struggled with it because I was so hungry, but eventually I gave up and went for the chips, which weren’t that nice, either.  So, what did I do?  Did I complain?  Perhaps I should have, but with the sole person at the bar who seemed well-meaning but rather untrained or unfamiliar with pub work, I just thanked her and left the pub.

And never returned.

So, if you want good food on Theobald’s Road, I wouldn’t recommend The Yorkshire Grey.  Nor, apparently, a good pint.  From what I can recall, there were three ales, and with one of them not in commission, and another one which apparently wasn’t working either, I was down with the sole choice of Doombar, which was a pint I didn’t even finish that day.

All in all, it wasn’t a particularly nice pub experience.  Maybe others have had better luck at the Yorkshire Grey.  Good for them.  Perhaps they are fans of mayonnaise.


2 thoughts on “Pub #35: The Yorkshire Grey, Theobald’s Road

  1. The line cleaning situation sounds weird. Usually there is the stage then the line cleaner is in the pipe which means she couldn’t have served you at all. you would have had foamy blue ale!

    But, since she could pull some ale, albeit, watery ale through then the cleaning must have been done already. And all she had to do was pull it through till it tasted right.

    I’m actually a big fan of doombar, I love the maltyness.

  2. Yeah, sorry, I meant “cleaned of the water,” but I’ve changed it now to indicate that it needed to have been cleared of the water.

    I had a man at the Ten Bells go through this process, and it is a lengthy process–and he had to go downstairs and change the cask and then pull the ale, then pour out the early pints until it was right. It’s one of those cases in which, yeah, it takes a long time, and when you have other people waiting for their pints, it can be a pain in the ass.

    But it needs to be done eventually.

    Yeah, Doombar can be sometimes a bit too heavy for me. I got halfway through that particular pint and just couldn’t take any more.

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