Pub #33: The Mucky Pup, Queen’s Head Street

I consider the Mucky Pup as one of a handful of locals I have.  It might be cheating to have more than one, but I don’t care.  I’ve been to the Mucky Pup quite a few times, especially recently.  I even had my birthday party there.  Not only is the landlord of the pub a great guy, but the drinks are a fair price, especially considering its location in Islington, where just down the road the Old Queen’s Head is selling cocktails for £7.  In the Mucky Pup, expect to pay £4 for a shot of Laphroaig in a glass.  Also, a pint of Black Sheep Bitter will set you back at £3.

Sunday roasts are coming soon, if not have already started, but other than snacks such as the chilli crackers seen above, the pub doesn’t serve food.  But with many food options in the Angel/Essex Road area, it really doesn’t need to, especially when you can order pizza and have it delivered to the pub, as a few friends and I had done while we were playing Monopoly.

There are quiz nights and quirky bits of interior, and it’s nicely off the high street, so it seems more like a place one has to be either local or in-the-know to find.  Many of my birthday guests seemed to really enjoy the pub, pleased with the prices, the interior and the staff.

If you want to find it, walk along Essex Road from Angel, and on the right-hand side, just before the Old Queen’s Head, make a right down the short pedestrian walkway that leads to Queen’s Head Street.  Walk down the residential street until you find the Mucky Pup on your right on a corner.  And there you are.


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