Goody Good Stuff, F’reals

So, the other day I was working a four-hour shift that turned into an eight-hour shift at work (tah-dah!).  It was Sunday, and before all sorts of mayhem broke loose, one of my coworkers (whom I later abandoned to the savage hordes) bought some sweets and shared some with me.

The sweets in question was Goody Good Stuff, specifically the Tropical Fruit variant.  Since it’s gelatin(e) free and dairy-free (though not vegan–sorry vegans), that means I was able to partake in the sweeties.  And partake I did.  Or partook.  Partook?

Whatever, I put a hurtin’ on that bag.

I wound up buying two bags of Goody Good Stuff Gummy Bears, and on the way home on the 38, I ATE A WHOLE BAG.  In less than thirty minutes, I went through a bag of little chewy bears of nyum-nyum.  It was glorious.  I was so jolly, I offered some to the woman sitting next to me.  Who declined.  Fair enough, for the Goody Good Stuff was then all mine.

Gummi Bears were one of my favourite candies before the gelatin guilt had gotten to me when I was about seventeen, in which case I gave them up.  I’ve had some vegan gummies and gelatin-free gummies since, but none have been as good as Goody Good Stuff.  Seriously, this could be a future addiction.  I may need an intervention at some point.

Until then, I’m going to just keep eating bags and bags of Goody Good Stuff and have a diet resembling that of one a five year-old would choose.  And I’ll love it to the point of photographing myself with the Gummy Bears I’m about to pop in my mouth.

Edited to add: I just had a look at the Goody Good Stuff website, and it turns out although the Tropical Fruits and Gummy Bears are not vegan, the sour candies are.  Four varieties out of the eight in the Goody Good line are vegan: Cola Breeze, Summer Peaches, Sour Mix & Match and Sour Fruit Salad.  So, yay!


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