Comically Vintage, I Love Thee

So, I’ve been pretty busy lately, what with moving and starting a new job and… oh shit, I have a dissertation to write!

Anyway, more topical postings to come, but I’d like to share a website with you all I’ve been addicted to lately: Comically Vintage.

According to the site: “We take vintage comic panels and place them out of context. Hilarity ensues!”

It’s a Tumblr blog that shares panels from vintage comics.  Some of the panels are pretty funny on their own, but sometimes it’s the word choices and the removal from its original context that makes the selections particularly amusing.  Also, our media world today isn’t as innocent as it once was (in popular culture, anyway), so some of the scenes depicted seem a lot more suggestive now than they were originally intended to be.

Sometimes, the word  choice is a bit off in today’s vernacular.

Then there are those that definitely smack of an era even more misogynistic than some of the men from Mad Men.

And some are just amazingly random.

It’s awesome.  Tell your friends.


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