Pub #31: The Princess of Wales, Chalcott Road

The Princess of Wales was part of a modest three-pub pub crawl my friend Tom and I embarked upon one Thursday evening in June.  Come to think of it, what is the minimum amount of pubs that quantifies a “crawl”?  It wouldn’t be two.  I’m thinking three.  Three seems like a fair enough number, especially accomplished in such short a timespan.

So yeah, The Princess of Wales has gained a bit of notoriety recently.  In fact, the day Tom and I visited was the day after Banksy allegedly hit up the pub’s beer garden with a stencil piece.  I think this Londonist article probably articulated it best: New Banksy Pub Mural is a Fake.

Funny enough, though, Tom and I were unaware of what lay in the beer garden.  Instead, we were both starving, so our attentions were focused on getting food and beer.  Tom bought the pints, and we each got our own food.  After a bit of confusion, I managed to convey to the guy behind the bar that I wanted the pasta dish with the slightly awkward name, penne vegetariana, a dish which was quickly inhaled as soon as it came to the table, but I did manage to snap a photo of it, along with whatever ale I was drinking at the time.

When it came time for my round, though, Tom and I needed to move onto the next pub, so I didn’t know how much my drink cost for me to make a proper posting of it.  In fact, as far as keeping tabs on what I got, what was paid and where the pub was, I was completely useless that night.  My little notebook was empty because I didn’t meticulously write in everything.  Maybe I thought I was going to remember everything later on and then write it all in.

After four beers had been poured into my smallish frame.

So, in an effort to correct this missive, I went to go see the Slovenia v USA World Cup match at The Princess of Wales.  Not only did I watch a ridiculously exciting game, but I got the penne pasta again (£6.25) along with a pint of the guest ale, which was Everards Tiger ale (£3.20), and a pint of Adnams… I think it was the bitter (£2.85).  I did prefer the bitter to the Tiger ale, and because I was drinking that during the second half of the match, I somehow attributed my switch to the Adnams ale for the change of luck in the American team.

Incredibly dubious connection, I know, but I was caught up in the World Cup excitement, probably a bit more than the other patrons of that afternoon of The Princess of Wales, although the older gentlemen did give cheers when the US scored their three two goals.

After the game, I managed to go down into the beer garden and have a look at the “Banksy” piece.

I’m not an expert, but after reading the above Londonist article, I can see how this isn’t likely a Banksy piece.  Still, it’s an interesting thing to look at.

All in all, the two visits I’ve had at The Princess of Wales were lovely, with very friendly staff and a good ale selection.  The pub got quite busy on the visit Tom and I paid it, probably because everyone had gotten off work.  In contrast, most people were still at work on the Friday afternoon I went alone for the game, so I was the sole female patron aside from a woman who was leaving just as I was settling into a nice little table in the corner, and probably the youngest as well, with the rest of the clientele looking about ten years older than my father.  Before you get images of octogenarians at the bar, my father’s quite young for being a father of a late-twentysomething.

So that’s one pub from the NW mini-pub crawl down.  The other two will pop up eventually.


One thought on “Pub #31: The Princess of Wales, Chalcott Road

  1. I think anybody that has ever bothered to go and look at a few real Banksies would know in a second that the boring garbage in the The Princess of Wales was no way one of his. Does anybody really think that they never orchestrated the whole thing themselves…nothing like some free publicity!

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