Introducing the 100 Pubs Project Map

Yeah, it was coming.  Who could resist the mighty power of Google?

So, I’ve created a map for the 100 Pubs Project pinpointing each pub I’ve visited so far for the project.  Yep, I went through my little Pub Project notebook and plugged in every pub in Google Maps and saved it to a specially-created map.  The damn thing is even alphabetised at the moment, because I’m that amazingly obsessive-compulsive.

I’ve also included some pubs on the map I haven’t yet written up a posting for, so if you feel like getting some sort of sneak peek as to what pub I might write about next, you can see it here on the map:

100 Pubs Project Google Map

Here is a snapshot of what the map looks like as of this posting:

As you can see (doesn’t everyone say that when presenting some sort of visual presentation?), I have remained relatively central in the Project thus far.  The boroughs of Camden and Islington are heavily represented, and I’ve only been to one pub, The Defector’s Weld on Uxbridge Road, in West London (as opposed to Northwest, which is fairly represented thanks to the Hampstead, Primrose Hill and St Johns Wood entries).  Hackney is slightly better represented, with The Pembury Tavern, Biddles, Pub on the Park and Stokey’s The White Hart being on the map.  Only one pub south of the river as well, which is to be rectified, probably before I go to more pubs in West London, honestly.  Going to West London generally means taking the tube, and I don’t often take the tube.

I probably take the Underground about once or maybe twice a week, if I can help it.  Having a week go by without taking the tube is actually fairly normal for me at the moment, because the Nags Head area of Holloway Road is so well-connected with Central London, and a bit of East London as well.  It shouldn’t surprise that out of the 30 pubs I’ve been to and documented, I can get to 23 of them by bus and a short walk from my current residence.  The 29 heading to Trafalgar Square will drop you off steps away from The Angel.  In fact, given the 29’s pathway that passes Camden Town, Fitzrovia, Bloomsbury and Soho, that route alone from Wood Green to Trafalgar Square will give one access to seven of the pubs listed so far: The Angel, The Salisbury, The Earl of Camden, Coach and Horses on Greek Street, The Old Crown on New Oxford Street, Museum Tavern and College Arms.  That’s not counting other pubs that are within a 10-15 minutes’ walk, in which case you’d add The Crown and Sceptre, The Marquis Cornwallis, The Landseer and The Horatia.  Maybe even The Lamb.

Pub crawl along the 29, anyone?

I’m nearly a third of the way through the Project, so it will be interesting what this map will look like once I get to the halfway point, especially since as of mid-July I will no longer be a resident of Holloway, but of Hackney.  Yes, I am moving eastward, to the detriment of my neglected 29 Project blog, so I wouldn’t be surprised if my personal pub map will feature more places from That Rose-Red Empire, or from neighbouring Tower Hamlets (like the two I need to review that feature on this map).

Having the pubs I’ve hit visually represented in this manner is helpful, as it spurs me to look at the areas of London that haven’t yet been hit by these little blue markers.  If only time and my income could accommodate my aspirations!  *sigh*  Anyway, as always, although I have quite a few pubs on my radar at the moment, if you have a suggestion for a pub, especially in areas I haven’t yet explored according to the fancy new map, do let me know about it.  In the meantime, I hope to fill in the 100 Pubs Project map a bit more when money allows.

But no, seriously, pub crawl along the 29, anyone?


5 thoughts on “Introducing the 100 Pubs Project Map

  1. The bus route crawl sounds like a brilliant idea. I’ve done a few Tube line crawls (East London Line, Waterloo & City Line) and have been wondering about what theme to use next.

    Dunno if we can put links here, but I will try:

  2. The bus route crawl sounds like a brilliant idea. I’ve done a few Tube line crawls (East London Line, Waterloo & City Line) and have been wondering about what theme to use next.

    [Oh, I think the first version of this comment got eaten by the spam trapper because I put links in… apologies if this comes through twice.]

  3. Hi there, Ben, thanks for the links. I think a friend who lives in Lewisham also recommended The Montague Arms to me as well, if I remember correctly.

    Kake, I dug your post out of spam (Ben’s was in there as well), and don’t worry about the double-posting. I’ve yet to do a proper line crawl myself, but it seems fitting to do one along some bus routes. The 29 is a good choice, but I reckon the 73 would also make a fine one, and perhaps also the 38.

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