Delicious Pizza… When It Happens

So, my website header for the month of June (and possibly July if I forget to change it) is a shot of a really delicious pizza I had a couple weeks back at Litro, this place along the borders of Holloway and Highbury on Drayton Park.  It was a surprise find, as I walked past it when I walked from Stoke Newington back to Holloway through little neighbourhood roads one Sunday afternoon.

I walked past.  Then stopped.  Then walked back and looked at the front of the restaurant.

It looked inviting, so I went in.  Menus were set around, and I had a look at the pizza on offer, and decided upon–what else, considering the neighbourhood I’m in–the Arsenal pizza.

Although there were many tempting beers that were available, I opted to get a glass of tap water instead.  I sat down and waited for my food, hearing the families with young children behind me as I read my book.  At some point, the waitress came by and asked if it was all right for the cook to replace the rocket on the pizza with spinach, as they were out of rocket, which I felt was perfectly fine.

Then, it arrived.

Oh man.  Yes, considering the £6 paid for it, the pizza is slightly small, but the quality of it was quite good.  It has probably been the best pizza I have had in London.  I liked the freshness of the ingredients, and the pizza crust was delicious.  The tomato sauce was a joy, and I loved the fresh tomatoes.  It was the perfect portion for an afternoon meal, and my tastebuds sang out in joy at the combination of fresh, salty parmesan with the amazing pizza crust and tomato sauce with the fresh spinach greens and juicy tomatoes.

I was converted.  Litro was my new favourite spot ever, and I was going to come back as soon as possible.

The chance to return to Litro happened this past Tuesday, when I had a bit of time to get a bite to eat before catching a members-only exhibition at the Wellcome Collection (not as posh as it sounds).  Since Drayton Park isn’t far from where I currently live, I walked down Holloway Road and made my way to Litro, excited about pizza.

When I arrived, there was a trio of women with a baby, and the staff were having a meeting in the back table.  I walked in, and one of the staff members hopped up and kindly asked what he could help me with.  I looked for the menus, but they weren’t to be seen, so I just asked for an Arsenal pizza.  He winced.

“Oh, sorry, we don’t do pizza today.”

Apparently, Litro only does the pizza on Saturdays and Sundays.  Oh, and whenever Italy plays during the World Cup.

He summoned the chef, an enthusiastic man who somehow sold me on quiche, although I hate quiche, which I ate, although I hate quiche, and paid a fiver for.  Litro did have other food available, which was Brazilian-themed for the upcoming Brazil match, but still, it was… a pizza fail.

But, now I am informed on when to go for the wonderful pizza of Litro, and to probably expect the place to get busier.  One of the women on Tuesday was making inquiries of reserving tables for something like twenty-five people, if I heard right, which seemed to sort of alarm the young lady she was making inquiries from.  The place isn’t big, but it’s not small, and the interior design is nice and homey.  It’s a lovely place to spend some time in, especially since they have free wifi and they seem to be showing games for the World Cup as well.  If they’re doing special food for the World Cup, it may be a good idea to call them (020 7704 2387) and see what they’ll be serving up that day.  It seems like a really nice neighbourhood spot I’m only now discovering, just as I look to be moving next month.

Ah well.  It’ll be worth an afternoon trek for some weekend pizza.


4 thoughts on “Delicious Pizza… When It Happens

  1. Oh it was, I can assure you.

    Today’s Saturday, but I don’t think my day will lead me to Litro’s door this afternoon, as much as I’d like. Thinking I might be heading to Victoria Park instead.

  2. I went back yesterday and ordered the Saporita pizza, which was lovely, and it looks like they’ve increased the sizes of their pizzas! It was definitely worth £6, every delicious bit!

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