Pub #27: The Crown and Sceptre, Foley Street

Last month, after hanging out with some of my coursemates from Anthropology of Food at the Marquis de Cornwallis in Bloomsbury, I wandered westward and met up with my friend Graham, whom I hadn’t seen since the visit to The Landseer.  We went to a Sam Smith’s pub in the North Soho/Fitzrovia area for a round, and then we went to The Crown & Sceptre, which was fairly busy for a Wednesday.

It was my round, so I got our two pints for £6.30.  The pub sells Fullers ale primarily, it seems, as London Pride was available, which is what Graham had.  I don’t remember what I had.  Let me explain why: at the Marquis, I had a pint of Old Rosie, which is 7.3% alcohol.  That’s a bit high, considering most ales are around 3.5%.  Plus, I hadn’t eaten much, and furthermore, I had another cider at the Sam Smith’s pub.

So there you are.  I can’t even remember if it was a Fullers ale or guest ale.

We first sat outside for a bit, and then managed to secure a tall table towards the back of the large pub room.  I had my final exam earlier that morning, so I was relieved to have a drink without the worry of studying for an exam.  It was the beginning of the decompression, and Graham and I hadn’t had a chance to hang out for damn near months, so we had a lot to talk about.  Eventually, we did eat, and I had quite a nice meal that was inexpensive (I remember it being just under a fiver).  I think it turned out to be a flatbread sandwich or something.

Man, I really can’t remember.

Aha!  It was the falafel flatbread at £4.25 that was an ace deal!  Yay, The Crown & Sceptre’s website has their menu, and it helped jog my failing memory.  Had I taken a photo of it, I would have remembered what I ordered, but since I was so famished that evening, I must have inhaled that sandwich.

The Crown & Sceptre was really cool.  I liked it, and I think it’s a nice place to go that’s in the city centre, but not right on any major streets.  I can’t remember how Graham and I stumbled upon it, because I don’t think he had ever been there, either.  In any case, I recommend you go.  The flatbread sandwich is excellent, and the decor kind of goes for that quirky-cool look that pubs catering to the twenty- and thirty-somethings seem to adopt.  I see some design similarities with the menus for The Crown & Sceptre and for The White Hart of Cornwall Street in South London, near Waterloo.  Am I right?


3 thoughts on “Pub #27: The Crown and Sceptre, Foley Street

  1. I have been blog-hopping as I do from time to time and chanced across your blog. I love your idea of the 100 pubs project, probably because I am attempting a 100 photos project.

    I have enjoyed browsing around and I shall be back to check on your progress around London :-)

  2. Aha! Thanks! The Marquis Cornwallis is on there as well! I should visit the other places if the food is as good as The White Hart and The Crown and Sceptre.

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