Pub #25: Mabel’s Tavern, Marbledon Place

This particular pub visit was a celebratory one, as it came after I completed the Anthropology of Food exam with the rest of the Foodies.  I was relieved and rather excited at having studied the right things before the exam, and as some of my coursemates had no more exams after that one (sadly, that wasn’t my story…), we all wanted a beer.  The exams we took weren’t on the SOAS campus, but instead at Camden Centre’s main hall, just off of Euston Road.  So we went to a pub that wasn’t quite the nearest pub, as there was one right across the road, but one that was just a bit further down: Mabel’s Tavern.

It was noon, and I hadn’t even eaten lunch, so the pint of  Early Spring ale I ordered was breakfast.  I nursed it cautiously on my empty stomach, but still managed to enjoy the conviviality that comes with being with friends in pubs.  The pint of Early Spring was £3.00, and I felt it was a good, light choice to go with when it was still relatively early in the day.  Everyone else seemed rather pleased with their choices as well.  Not everyone went for beer, as I noticed a few glasses of Coca-cola on the table alongside the pints.

Although I was hungry, I eschewed food because there was talk of going somewhere else later, which eventually did happen, after another round or two.  There were those who did order food, although I cannot recall their opinion on it, but it didn’t look bad, and they seemed to have finished everything on their plates.

My friends and I were the boisterous group among a crowd of primarily solitary or pairs of men having a drink on their lunch break.  In comparison to these gentlemen wearing suits who on the whole looked quite serious and stern, the SOAS students in our jeans must have been a stark contrast, especially since we were all generally quite pleased with finishing the exam and also considering how international our group was.  England, the US, Canada and Italy were well-represented, as was Russia, Mexico and Germany.  We’re quite a motley bunch, aren’t we?

Mabel’s Tavern is a basic sort of pub, offering both food and drink near the Euston area.  I wouldn’t really recommend it as a destination pub, but I suppose if you are in the area and looking for a place to grab a pint for three quid, Mabel’s Tavern would suit just fine.  It’s a Shepherd Neame pub, and I did like the Early Spring ale.  For us, I feel it performed the function of a pub in having enough empty space for us to file in and take over a corner (and some tables) and commiserate our shared experiences of having studied our asses off for exams and the relief of having finished at least one–if not all–of them.

This posting brings me a quarter of the way through my goal of 100 pubs!  Man, I really thought I’d be further along than this.  Ah well, I’ve still got a few pubs up my sleeve I still need to write up, plus I’ve got plans on going to at least one new pub this week.

And if you’re sick of reading about pubs, I do have a couple of dining-out reviews as well to write about.


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