Pub #20: The Salisbury, Green Lanes

Ah, The Salisbury.  Ah, Green Lanes.

The Salisbury had been a destination since my Anthropology of Food coursemate Hannah mentioned it to me, and since walking up Green Lanes from Harringay Green Lanes station on a photowalk I took for The 29 Project before I rode the entire length of the 29 route.  Our first attempt was aborted, but the second time was the charm as she and I met shortly before work on essays began in the latter days of March.  I had just taken the 29, that wonderful beast of public transportation, from SOAS, laden with books for my Japanese Culture & Society course, some of which I wound up not using for the essay I wrote.

I had arrived at the building first, and had a good walk around its many partitioned rooms before I finally settled on a place near one of the entrances and ordered my pint of Discovery Ale, which set me back £3.30.  Discovery Ale is probably my favourite Fuller’s Ale, but I also like their Seafarers.

Anyway, I sat and waited for my friend and took in the lovely atmosphere.  It was a lively Monday night at The Salisbury, as every table seemed to be quite filled with a fairly wide variety of people age-wise.  Twentysomethings were huddled together over tables talking about work or university while thirtysomethings sat at the bar in pairs, and a notable fiftysomething woman was sitting at a table I envied with a tote bag and a sense that she had cats.

I think I’m going to grow up to be her in about twenty years’ time.

As I waited, I started to grow hungry, so I ordered a couscous portobello mushroom stack at £8.25, which came shortly after Hannah arrived.  It was quite good; halloumi has been something I didn’t know I liked until I moved to London, where it has a more ubiquitous presence than in Orlando.  I don’t know why that is.  But my salad stack was delicious, and it was the perfect amount of food, although at £8.25, it probably was a little pricey.

The evening ended after a couple of pints and a trip to Hannah’s for little strawberry plants I was picking up to give to my friends in Hackney.  I took the 29 on back to Holloway, passing the Grand Parade of Green Lanes that The Salisbury is a part of.


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