Pub #19: Somers Town Coffee House, Chalton Street

Due to the horrendous backlog I have of pubs at the moment, I’ve briefly given up any attempt to put these pubs in order.  Normally, I do these entries in order, because I tend to write them up within days or so of going to these pubs, but due to a recent hell I experienced with essays, and the impending one entailing studying for exams, I’ll have to just write these up as I have time, and they may not necessarily be in any sort of order.

Somers Town Coffee House probably wouldn’t want you to call it a pub, although it did get an award last year from the Publican as winner of best gastropub.  Its website proclaims it as a ‘bistro pub,’ which is a new term for me, but considering the place’s French owners, it makes sense.

Anyway, on a rainy March Saturday with not much to do, it provided a nice little post-Wellcome Collection retreat.  It was sort of early evening, and people were starting to have their dinners in the spacious interior of the restaurant.  Cian and I instead opted for just beer.  A pint each of Director’s Bitter and Elsie Mo ran us £6.70, so that’s presumably £3.35 per pint.  We ate some of the mystery chocolate I bought at the Chocolate Festival earlier in the day, which proved to be an interesting experience–sometimes tasty, sometimes really weird, if not slightly unpalatable.  The ales did well to wash them down, though.

I think, if my memory is correct, that Cian and I may have been the youngest patrons of the place that afternoon, or at least among the youngest.  Much of the clientele were people who were dining in as well as drinking, except for the gents at the bar, and they were seated at their tables amongst themselves–middle-aged couples and trios having an early dinner of continental fare.  I imagine the food was good, considering the award Somers Town Coffee House earned, but Cian and I didn’t sample any of it.  We had been to the White Hart earlier that day, and he was still full off of the burger he had gotten, while I was a little less full.

Still, after looking at the menu and realising that some of the food is within my sort of budget, Somers Town Coffee House may be seeing me again for “Le plat vegetarien du jour.”


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