Hey, Can You Help Me With My Homework, Please?

So, I’m writing an essay about fish and chips and its relationship with British identity, and working-class identity.  To help with my research, can I ask a favour out of all of you?

Can you think of a film, book, song or art piece that features fish and chips or a fish and chip shop?  Any moments where film characters visit a chipper, any scenes in a play where a couple fights in a chipper, any characters in literature who work in a chippy, any songs glorifying or vilifying the meal?  Any bronze sculptures of a meal of fish and chips?

If the latter doesn’t exist, someone should really do that.

I’m drawing a big blank at the moment, and so far I have my old roommate Clark who told me about a scene in Quadrophenia involving jellied eel.  Thanks in advance.  You’re helping a poor student slog through her essays.


4 thoughts on “Hey, Can You Help Me With My Homework, Please?

  1. There’s a scene in a book called Jenny’s War (I forget the author) where fish and chips are involved. A German pilot is shot down into British land. A single school teacher finds him hiding in her garage – wounded and unconscious. So she puts him up in the spare room, and feels attracted to him.

    Next day, she goes out to buy fish and chips and gets extra portions. The shop-owner is surprised because he knows she lives on her own. Try hunting for the book, and you may find it interesting – if you are inclined towards WW2 era fiction.

  2. Nice one, thanks! Fish and chips were one of the few foods that weren’t rationed during WWII, so that’s interesting how it was incorporated into the story.

  3. There’s a couple of scenes in a A Room for Romeo Brass – they start off eating chips and then are in the chippie later.

    there used to be ‘snack biscuits’ called Fish & Chips when I was little that were salt and vingear flavour, in a faux newspaper bag.

    I’ll carry on having a think :)

  4. Oh yeah – and of course the chippie in Eastenders has been there for years, with plenty goign on around it…and I’m sure I remember reading somewhere that the film East is East was called ‘Fish & Chips’ abroad!

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