Pub #17: The White Hart, Cornwall Street

The White Hart is the #17th pub to be documented in the 100 Pubs Project.  The visit took place on a rainy Saturday afternoon prior to a planned visit to the Chocolate Festival that was going on that day not too far from the pub.

After meeting up with Cian in the vast expanse of Waterloo Station, we set out for the pub.  The White Hart was decided upon because of its proximity to the Chocolate Festival we would be going to later, and because of its burger offerings on the menu, which seemed quite appealing.  This visit was just a few days before their summer menu debuted, as the burger I had ordered–a spinach, lentil and potato burger with vegetarian chili–is no longer on their menu at this time.  Cian had actually his eye on the same said burger, but upon placing the order at the counter, he was told by one of the bartenders that she wasn’t sure if there was any chili, so he opted for a burger with goat cheese and caramelised onion (also not on the new menu).  The burgers on The White Hart’s new menu range from £7.00~10.00, so it’s pretty average price for a gastropub.

I ordered the drinks: one pint of Peroni and a pint of Hogans cider that together came to £7.45.  I’m curious as to which of the two items was more than the London standard cost of a pint–perhaps it was the cider?  The cider was good–very light and refreshing after running around in the tube wearing too many layers, as I tend to do.

The interior of the pub was nice, and the intermittent sun outside filled the atmosphere of The White Hart with a bit of cheer.  It was decently full for a Saturday afternoon, with quite a few people around us ordering food as well.  The decor nodded to the ideas of a traditional pub, with a good amount of dark wood, yet there was a good amount of light and a few colourful touches that placed The White Hart comfortably in the 21st century.

When the food came, I did have chili on my burger after all, and Cian commented on the small amount of chips accompanying his burger.  However, as we ate, it became evident how heavy the goat cheese burger was to get through, so he probably wouldn’t have been able to get through any more chips he was given.  To continue on the subject of the chips, I’ve got to say I’m a fan of The White Hart’s, as they are nicely fat (I don’t like skinny fries much) and were sufficiently crispy on the outside with a lovely soft, hot interior.  My chili burger was lovely as well, albeit probably not the most delicate thing to eat, but still quite good.  The chili on it was delicious, and it was perfect just as it was.

I do love a good burger.

After finishing our food and pints, we left The White Hart to join the hullaballoo at The Chocolate Festival.  I look forward to another trip to The White Hart to check out their new menu when I’m in the area again.  On Sunday, there is a vegetarian roast option, which sounds enticing.  With all the pubs I’ve been to thus far, “officially” and off-blog, I still have yet to have a nice vegetarian roast, so it’s nice to know of a place that has a veggie option.


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