Chocolate Festival is Back

The Chocolate Festival I went to back in December (see The Chocolate Festival, Southbank 12/12/09) is coming back next weekend, 26-28 March.

For my friends whom I’ve given little tubs of hot chocolate mix, this is where I got them, specifically from the stall for Jaz & Jul’s Organic Hot Chocolate.  And this festival looks even better, because Caffe Vergnano, one of my favourite places to get coffee, is going to be there.

Visit the Chocolate Festival’s website should you be interested in seeing what events are going to be on and who’s going to be there.  I do believe I will be making a visit.

I’m very excited.

Here’s a photo from the last Chocolate Festival in Southbank in December.  Note the vast amounts of milk in the background.


4 thoughts on “Chocolate Festival is Back

  1. Thanks! I probably won’t get to give them a go for a while. I still have to get a scale so I can try out British recipes. I’m used to baking with cups and teaspoons as measurements.

  2. Thanks for the mention! Did you manage to get down to the festival this weekend. A lovely chocolatey time was had by all!

  3. I did indeed go down to the festival, and the lovely gent I was with purchased a non-dairy cup of hot chocolate (the caramel flavour with a hint of lime) from your booth. I’ve still got quite a bit of hot chocolate in my cupboard at the moment, so I didn’t buy any take-away containers this time around, but I’ll look for you folks in the markets. Which are the ones you frequent again? Think I might have asked under my Twitter account (abandonedlondon).

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