How I Paid £3.50 for a Root Beer Float

Went to The Blues Kitchen in Camden over the weekend.  Had intended to make this a pub posting, but I wasn’t actually in the mood for beer, and The Blues Kitchen was more of a restaurant than a pub.  I mean, I had table service.

So, instead I ordered food.  I was hungry, and The Blues Kitchen was offering up their brunch menu, as it was a Saturday afternoon.  I looked at the menu outside that was posted on the wall, and was nearly put off by the notice that a 12.5% surcharge would be applied to the bill, until I saw the words that enticed me in:

Cajun Veggie Burger.

Looking at their menu online, I can’t find the delectable deliciousness that was this burger (although I did find a Cajun Chicken Burger… but I assure you what I ate wasn’t chicken), which makes me wonder if the menu online is slightly outdated.  It was priced at £7.50, which is pretty standard gastro-pub burger price in London, so I was game.

I went in and sat at a little table and ordered my burger.  After a short wait, the veggie burger arrived.

The photo is a bit overexposed, but the burger was delicious.  It really had a nice flavour and a slightly spicy kick to it that has made it stand out from all the other burgers I’ve had in London thus far.  The fries were pretty standard diner fries–nothing too special about them except they were good.  The coleslaw was a bit of a disappointment, though.  I’m not surprised–coleslaw is quite a tricky thing to make.  This particular coleslaw had too much mayonnaise, to the point where you could actually taste the mayonnaise.  I considered making a note to the chef, but decided against it in the end.  Didn’t want to sound like some know-it-all American.  And maybe they like mayonnaisey coleslaw here.

I had water during my meal, but for my dessert, I ordered a root beer float, which isn’t actually on the menu.  They offered root beer at £3, and they offered a Coke float at £3.50, so why not a root beer float?  Well, the result was a little messy at first, with the root beer and ice cream mixture foaming to ridiculous levels over the glass.  Still, the outcome was a familiar taste of Americana.  Even the root beer brand was American, as opposed to the Australian root beer I’ve seen for sale here and haven’t been too fond of.

So yes, the 12.5% service charge was added on, but my server was pretty nice, as was the one who got my bill for me, so I wasn’t at all sour at paying for it.  Had this been an American restaurant, it would have been natural for me to have tipped anyway, although maybe not as natural to have paid £3.50 for a root beer float.  Still, The Blues Kitchen was a nice place to visit and get my Yankee food fix, although I’ll have to wait a bit in order to get a true side of coleslaw.


6 thoughts on “How I Paid £3.50 for a Root Beer Float

  1. I loved this post. So much that I forgot to play a new song on my radio show so I had dead air for a minute. Then I told everyone to go to your blog on air. So..well..we’ll see if you get more people :]

  2. Aw, I didn’t intend for there to be dead air on WPRK! Thanks for the shout, Disney. You get the biggest hug whenever I see you next, but in the meantime, I’m giving you an e-high-five instead.


  3. I work about 30 seconds walk from The Blues Kitchen. I watched in interest as they ripped out The Oh Bar (as it used to be called) to transform it. And then I haven’t been in.

    You have made up my mind for me – I’ll give it a go in the next couple of weeks :)

  4. Hope you enjoy the meal, NiL. I found the burger to be quite good.

    Disney, yay! You’re the second person I have inadvertently enabled into getting a blog this year. Will link you once I have a moment or three.

  5. I actually went there with my bosses on Friday, and it was indeed VERY good. It looks like they’ve cut back on the mayo on the slaw too – it was a lot drier than in your pic, but really really nice (I hate cheap slaw with a passion as it always has too much onion, not enough carrot and is made with vinegary salad cream, which I don’t enjoy!).

    My burger-loving boss thought it was all fab – and just 2 minutes from our office too :) Thanks for the tip xx

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