Pub #13: The Landseer, Landseer Road

Ah, so we are now at lucky thirteen.

The Landseer is right in my neighbourhood, but it took another Holloway Road resident to take me there.  Graham is currently a displaced Holloway resident at the moment, staying at a friend’s in East London while work is being done to the flat he’s in, but he was kind enough to meet up with me and take me to the Landseer, off Holloway Road on Landseer Road.  The postcode for the pub is N19, though it’s still considered Holloway, although we’re moving into the area of “Upper Holloway” heading towards Archway.

So, where are the pictures?  I’m afraid I had a brain fail earlier today and managed to erase the photos I took at The Landseer.  If you want to see what the interior of the pub looks like, visit their website and check out the Gallery.  The place has lovely interior–very spacious and nicely decorated with sofas and bookshelves.

When it was my turn to buy the round, the pint of Guinness (for Graham) and my Deuchar’s IPA pint was £6.40, so I’m guessing each pint was £3.20 each, which is around the usual price one expects to pay for a pint in London outside of cheaper havens.  We wound up ordering food as well: a salad with grilled halloumi and a side salad, and an order of chips, or as they were on the menu: French fried potatoes.  The salads were really tasty, but I wasn’t really keen on the chips.  The fries were thin things more reminiscent of fast food joints than fat chunks of potato one would get from the chipper.  The prices for the main courses were a bit too dear for me and my student means, but the cost of the salads and chips were £10 combined, so it wasn’t that bad.

Overall, The Landseer is quite a nice neighbourhood pub, and I’m glad Graham introduced me to it.  Should I have friends visiting in my neighbourhood, I think it would make a nice impression of Holloway to take them there.


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