The 2010 Olympics Get Spored!

I haven’t been watching the Olympics.  Sorry.  Been too busy taking notes and photos on the 29 and feeling rather braindead in general.

However, if you have been watching the Olympics in Vancouver, maybe you’ll see some mushrooms planted by Cathy Compagna and her friends for the SPORE Project of Doug Rhodehamel’s.  They’re really colourful!  If you haven’t seen them, or ABC or NBC or BBC or whomever isn’t panning the camera right to capture these lovely creations, you can see photos of them here: Mushrooms at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Want to make some and decorate your little area of the world?  Check out information on Doug’s SPORE Project, and on it, you can learn how to make your own mushroom out of a paper bag and plant that sucker somewhere cool.

Why the SPORE Project?  Per Doug’s website:

The SPORE Project is a worldwide effort developed by Doug Rhodehamel to promote awareness for the support for art education and creativity in day-to-day life. the project illustrates the importance of self expression, resourcefulness and creativity – specifically, how to look at one thing (a simple paper bag) and see what it can be instead of merely what it is. the project was created to build awareness, specifically to let people know the importance of art.

so what exactly is going on here? you have the opportunity to be part of the largest art installation in the world! during the month of May 2010, i am asking everyone who has an interest in supporting art and creativity to create and plant some paper bag mushrooms. you can make a couple or a few or several thousand if you want to. paint them or do whatever, be creative! have fun!

Noble, yeah?

So who wants to help me make some paper bag mushrooms in May for the SPORE Project in London?

Let’s hit up Finsbury Park, Islington Green, London Fields, Hackney Downs, Highbury Corner… whatever’s around.  If you’re a teacher and looking for a project for your kids to do, why not this?  It would be cool for your kids to see what other classes around the world have made.  If you’re an adult, why not make a few with your friends, neighbours, local pub companions, fellow ballroom dancers or whomever and plop ’em in a public or private space.

C’mon.  Get that brown paper bag that was holding your saag aloo from the local Indian take-away, or the paper bag that was holding your latest purchase from the shop, and set it aside for the month of May.


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