My First Jaunt into Borough Market

So, it’s been nearly six months since I’ve lived in London, and I hadn’t yet gone to the famous Borough Market… until last Friday.  I went from my friends’ house in Hackney to London Bridge station and had a little walk until I hit the market.

I took photos.  Want to see some?

You’re probably wondering if I bought anything while I was there.  I actually didn’t poke around that much, since I didn’t really have much of a shopping list, but I did buy a little loaf of London Bloomer from Flour Power City Bakery, and some amazing jam and pear butter.  PEAR BUTTER!!  Haven’t tried the pear butter yet, but the bramble & apple jam I had gotten is delicious… and nearly gone.

I also bought a spinach and goat cheese tart to eat there.  At £2, it was a fair price to pay, and quite delicious.  Next time, though, I’ll hop in the queue for a veggie burger at the vegan burger stall I had seen as I was waiting for my tart to heat up.

All in all, a nice little morning trip.  Well, really it was past noon when I got there, because it took me so long to get out of the house.  It was a bit crowded, though not unmanageable, especially if you’re used to the crowds at Broadway Market.  At least it was all right when I went.  I’ll have to go again on another Friday morning or afternoon sometime.


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