Abandoned in London

My friend Adam posted up this article on Facebook, Project 365: How to Take a Photo a Day and See Your Life in a Whole New Way.  If you follow my Flickr account, you would know that I take photos on a frequent basis, though not quite every day.  Although it would be interesting to do this, and I may still try to take even more photos of more intimate things, I’m not so sure the rest of the world would want to see such photos outside of my Flickr realm.

But, there is an idea that has been kicking around in my head for a few weeks, so I thought I would go ahead and start on yet another project, this time a photographic one.  Since having a camera, I’ve been taking photographs of miscellaneous things I’ve found on the street, as this old photograph from Bangkok shows:

So, not being one to follow directions, and being likewise inspired by this blog posting on Spiked Fury! from Nathaniel, I’m instead creating a new blog to showcase “things lost, tossed, left or otherwise abandoned in London.”

Abandoned in London

In case the two or three of you reading this were wondering, I won’t be abandoning this blog, as Tasty Fever encompasses much more of what can be filed as “random shit.”  Abandoned in London will be photography-based, and I will be putting up images of items spotted out on the streets of this city.  There are many lost gloves, for example, that I see on the sidewalks (I’ve, uh, even collected some).  Lots of garbage, like empty boxes once filled with chicken parts, wrappers from burgers and so forth.

Last Saturday, I found a mass of bank cards (!!!) on the sidewalk.  So you know, I didn’t commit credit card fraud, but I did pick them up off the concrete to prevent anyone else from doing so.  Periodically, I will find a penny or 5p on the ground, but I have yet to be as lucky as James, who found a pound on Lamb’s Conduit Street.

I put Abandoned in London on a Tumblr account to see how it compares with WordPress.  Just curious.  All the cool kids seem to be using Tumblr.  For the moment, though, I’m not sure how I like it, as already the new blog isn’t showing two new postings I’ve put up–which are even tweeted or tumblred or whatever on my Facebook account.  Nice.  Hopefully I won’t need to make a switch from Tumblr to trusty WordPress.  Because that would be all work and stuff.

If you would like to see someone embarking on Project 365, have a look at my friend Adam’s blog: three six five.  And keep an eye out on Abandoned in London.  You might find your missing glove or hat photographed somewhere in the Big Smoke, or the mangled remains of your umbrella.


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