The Chocolate Festival, Southbank 12/12/09

This Saturday past I went to the Chocolate Festival, an outdoor thing with people selling chocolate and chocolate-related products.  It was a bit smaller than I expected, or perhaps hoping (oh, for a chocolate bacchanalia!), but it was still nice to do something on a chilly Saturday morning that was certainly out of the ordinary, especially when one is accustomed to classes and work and pubs.

This particular Chocolate Festival consisted of various workshops and was held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from the 11th through the 13th.  I chose to go on Saturday, since I have class Fridays and work Sundays.  I got there around noon, and there was a modest crowd of enthused chocolate fans and some little choco-lovers as well.  There were a variety of chocolate vendors selling their boutique chocolate packages.  One of the interesting vendors had a basil-flavoured chocolate candy, which tasted different from the similar basil chocolate candy I had in Seattle at Theo Chocolate this summer.  The maker of this particular chocolate eschewed cream and butter in favour of water in order to let the flavours of the chocolate and basil to be more prominent.  It was interesting.

At the festival, I puttered around, bought some fudge and hot chocolate, and had a look at many of the chocolate offerings for sale at the vendors.  I was hoping for more free samples, because I’m that much of a greedy bastard, but it was still a nice time, and nothing gets me more excited than the smell of chocolate in the air.


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