Baking again, in small batches

Now that I’ve gotten a bit settled, I’ve begun baking again when I’m not marching through reading for my Japanese Modernity class (why am I taking this again?).  I’m not on the grand scale I used to be back in Orlando, and I’m still missing some baking tins I need to buy or maybe even have shipped to me, but still, I’ve been making things here and there, and I hope to make some more things soon.  I’ve gotten a bit of help from my friends Lucy and Jim who managed to hook me up with some unused baking tins.  The little loaf pan I got from them can be seen in the photo with the banana bread.

Anyway, here are a couple photos of what I’ve been up to in my tiny kitchen.  The banana bread was a nice morning baking project this past Wednesday.  No nuts in it, as I normally am not a fan of nuts in baked goods (though I am getting better and more tolerant of them), so it’s just kind of plain.

Next time, though, I think I’ll add some chocolate bits, and maybe even walnuts if I’m going to share the bread with folks.  This particular loaf, though, was pretty much exclusively devoured by me, except for a slice I brought to my manager at work.

The coconut lime cookies in the photo were made for my friend Paul’s Day of the Dead party at his place in Green Lanes.  I think they were quite popular; David told me he ate something like nine of them.  That might be an exaggeration.

I wound up making similar cookies with cocoa instead of lime for Fireworks Day at Victoria Park.  I still have a few little rounds unbaked that I might throw in the oven sometime soon when I want something sweet and cookie-ish, but don’t have the time nor ingredients to fix up something from scratch.

This evening or perhaps tomorrow evening I’m going to have a go at making the dessert I plan on bringing for Lucy and Jim’s farewell dinner for Lotte and James this Wednesday.  It’s going to be a surprise, but I will say that chocolate will be involved, as Lucy informed me that Jim wouldn’t have been fond of the other options of flavours I gave: coconut, banana or apple.  This batch I will be making is going to be a test-run for the main event, and I won’t be eating all of it myself, so I told Aru that I will be making it so she can come by my flat and take some back to the old button factory she lives in, where I currently am at the moment, writing this entry (I’m an honorary button).

Thanksgiving celebrations among my Food friends are coming up at the end of this month, so I will be planning on making an apple crumble for that (or two, depending on the amount of people invited), along with biscuits, American-style.  I need to find a baker’s blade here so I can fix up some biscuits and scones–I haven’t made scones in ages!


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