Jersey Chicken n’ Ribs

There seems to be a fascination with fried chicken in London.  It’s far more popular than I had imagined, but I haven’t seen a Kentucky Fried Chicken–or KFC, as it’s now known–anywhere.

Instead, enterprising Londoners have substituted “Kentucky” with other states in the Union.  My friend Ossie told me this, and the visual evidence I’ve encountered walking around and looking out the window of buses has confirmed this to be true.  This evening, I saw Jersey Chicken on Caledonian Road (not too far from Dallas Burgers, I might add).  Mississippi Chicken has also been spotted, though I can’t quite remember where.

If I run across a Florida Chicken place, I’ve got to get a photo of it.

Oh yeah, and in many of these chicken shacks, you can also order burgers and ribs.  It’s times like this where I wish I could grab some bona-fide Southerner (I’m just a pretender) to actually see how authentic these burgers, fried chicken and ribs are.  Maybe I can take photos of them if I happen to be with anyone who eats at these places and let you all decide.

Edited to add: Doh! I have seen a KFC here! There’s one on Seven Sisters Road that I walk past only pretty much every day.


4 thoughts on “Jersey Chicken n’ Ribs

  1. Another “Americans invented food” post.

    I’ll have you know that Florida Fried Chicken in Lewisham predates the union by 700 years. Maybe.

  2. You realise I have to go to Lewisham now to see Florida Fried Chicken.

    And we did invent food, at least all the crappy food I see Britons eating on the bus, on the tube, on the street, in the McDonald’s, everywhere.

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