Lights Out, But Hello, Standard Tandoori

Tuesday evening I got home from the internet cafe up the road and found there was no power in my studio.  At all.  After knocking downstairs to see if one of my neighbours had power in her flat (nope), fretfully texting a friend (who seems to hear nothing from me but whines and whimpers), calling my letting agent and leaving a message on his phone, and damn near pouncing on the poor French guy in Flat #2 to grill him about whether the power was out in the whole block or just our building (about which I feel rather regretful for, and feel as if I owe him baked goods to apologise, the poor man), I went out in search for a flashlight to buy.

I didn’t find one, although I went to a number of later-night establishments, but I did wind up in the midst of a huge crowd that spilt out of Emirates Stadium, home of the Gunners (Arsenal, woot), who had a game that night.  So, I am in this mob of folks walking towards Islington, and, well, since I couldn’t really walk the opposite direction without feeling like a salmon trying to swim upstream, I had no other alternative but to go into an Indian restaurant.  Really, like an awning sheltering a poor head in a downpour, so did Standard Tandoori provide me with a shelter from the throng of football fans.  Seriously, I had no other option except to order tons of food and eat it all until my eyes started to cross because I was so full.

Truly, no other option at all.

The food at Standard Tandoori was great, and the service was pretty good as well.  I ordered garlic naan, which is a standard order for me in Indian restaurants.  Seriously, garlic naan is one of those foods I would take with me to a hypothetical desert island in my hypothetical suitcase that can magically produce only ten items of food ever.  The vegetable tikka masala, my first tikka masala, was a little sweet for my tastes, but the gobi bhajee, which is “lightly spiced cauliflower” according to the menu, was deliciousness.  There’s a large selection of vegetable side dishes, and upon reviewing the menu, I’m pretty eager to walk back down Holloway to see what their chana masala, vegetable curry and sag paneer tastes like.  With garlic naan, of course.

Anyway, when I got back to my flat that night full and fat with Indian food after the crowds went home or found pubs to situate themselves in, there was power back in my building.  Hooray!

Until around 1 am, when the whole block lost power.  And I was in the shower, in a windowless bathroom, when the power went out.


The electricity came back on Wednesday afternoon, so I couldn’t really justify another night at Standard Tandoori, but at least in the future, whether or not I have electricity in my apartment or not, I know where to get good Indian food in my neighbourhood.  It’s not the closest Indian restaurant to me, funny enough, but it’s worth the walk past the Holloway Road Underground station.  I’ll save exploring the other Indian-style restaurants near me on a day when it’s raining or I’m feeling otherwise lazy.


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