Thursday’s Thread Swap

Thursday, the 18th of June, was the Thread Swap, hosted by Alex at the Black Box Collective.  I was offered an area to sell vegan baked goods at, and so, I baked up a little army of edibles to sell at the event.

bake sale itemsBefore showing up on the 18th, I’d never been to the Black Box Collective, nor really knew what it was all about.  I had heard about it from a handful of people, but nothing really cohesive or that really painted a picture of what Black Box is and what it’s all about.

That evening, I had been running late because I was hungry and stopped for a sandwich at Pom-Pom’s.  When I got to the place at 7 pm, Alex was the only one there amid bags of used clothes, slowly being sorted and strewn about.  The Black Box Collective is housed in a warehouse, and it reminded me a lot of what the Stone Soup Collective used to be like: no a/c and a DIY attitude.  A few leaks from the recent rain dripped onto the floor, so we had to alter some of the placement of clothes draped upon the donated church pews.  The doors were wide open to let any cooler breezes into the building.  I helped Alex set out some clothing as people began to trickle in, then I set up shop on a table by one of the entrances.

It turned out to be a really awesome evening of digging through clothes, drinking beer, meeting people, listening to music, selling baked goods and hanging out, despite the insane heat that permeated the building once more people started showing up.  I made chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cupcakes with coconut icing, chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing, blackberry scones and all spice crumb-topped muffins.  All the items were vegan and made from scratch.  The goods sold well, considering the clientele of the fashionably broke and that Jorge was selling $2 beer at the Black Box Bar.  I overbaked a bit this time around, but my coworkers at the library were jolly at having some of the excess cookies at work.

The musical side to the evening was fantastic.  Dani Shay started the evening out with her guitar and witty banter, followed by the acoustic talents of Amy White and then an excellent performance by Open Windows.  If you missed out on seeing any of these three acts, you should check out their MySpace pages to look up where they will be next, because all of them had fantastic performances, and I feel really lucky to have been able to see all three of them.  I stayed at Black Box a lot longer than I had originally intended because I enjoyed the company and the performances so much.  Mollie joined in after she got out of class, so that was an extra bonus.

I had a great time at the Black Box, and would love to hold another bake sale again, especially if I get to pick through the discarded outfits of others and score finds on the same level as I did on the 18th.  If you’re interested in seeing what’s going to be coming up in the future at the venue, why not visit the Black Box Collective’s website, or see them on Facebook or MySpace.  After speaking with Jorge that night, there’s a lot in store for Black Box’s future, and if I wasn’t moving to London, I’d definitely want in on it, because it sounds really exciting.  There’s an online forum on the website as well, so go hobnobb.


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