Bake Sale at the Thread Swap

This Thursday evening, I will be selling tasty homemade vegan baked goods at the Thread Swap happening at the Black Box Collective on West Central Boulevard, just a smidge west of downtown proper.

That’s right, I am having a bake sale.

Per the Facebook event invite:

June 18th

Bring your old clothes, shoes, and pretty much anything else you don’t want anymore! Clean out your closets and come find free new(to you) stuff!  All proceeds from the door ($3-donate more?) will go to shipping costs of clothes to India! Left over cash will also be donated to villages of friends in need in India! All clothes/shoes we can’t ship will be given to our friends in need right here in Orlando!
So come out! Eat, Drink, Share, and most of all- be merry!


*Open Mic poetry sharing hours from 7:00-8:00pm
If you plan to recite, show up in time to get your name on the list

A sweet afternoon/evening of live MUSIC, POETRY, DRINKS, FOOD, AND BEST OF ALL: FREE CLOTHES!

Confirmed performance by:
Open Windows
Dani Shay
Amy White

Vegan baked items available for purchase, made by Doreen. Come early before all the sweets are sold out.

At the Thread Swap, there will be $2 PBR, Miller and (thank goodness) Yuengling throughout the evening.  Wine will also be available.

Tentatively, the list of vegan edibles I will be providing will include chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter icing (or maybe coconut… I haven’t decided), vegan chocolate chip cookies, blueberry scones and allspice muffins with crumble topping.  I’ve cleared my ingredients with the appropriate Vegan KGB representative–so yes, it’s really all going to be vegan–and much of the ingredients I will be using, such as flour and sugar, will be organic as well.

So please, after you’re done sifting through the discarded contents of other people’s closets, stop by and buy a cupcake or cookie from yours truly.  The proceeds aren’t quite as noble as that of the Thread Swap (don’t worry, I’ll be donating clothes, too), but would be just as appreciated, not just by me, but by the friends I’ll be visiting on the West Coast before I move to London.  Hopefully I will remember to bring the paper bags I bought today at Whole Foods for people to take some of these yummies home with them for breakfast or snack time the following day.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Black Box Collective, visit their MySpace page or their website,  They are on 630 West Central Blvd, 32801, and you can see a photo of the space on their MySpace page.  It sounds like it’s going to be a fun night, but I won’t be there for all of it, as I do have my day job to get to in the morning.  Speaking of which, I put in my notice at the Library today!  My final day as a library clerk will the the 15th of July.  Hooray!

Hope to see you Thursday night!


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