Not-So-Desperate Housewives

Sundays are for sweet tea and hanging out with the gals, and that’s what I did last week at Jeannette’s lovely bachelorette pad.  Marie rounded out the trio for an evening of Indian food, incense, cards and playing dress-up.  And, oh yes, sweet tea.

To explain, it began with Jeannette leaving me a comment on my Facebook wall: “I think you me and Marie need to have some kind of Indian food housewife dress wearing get together of some sort before you go to jolly old England.”

Actually, perhaps it started a bit earlier when Marie and I were yammering about how cool Jeannette was, and how we ought to all hang out more.  I relayed this conversation to Jeannette, telling her we both had a “girl-crush” on her, which I’m sure she found amusing.  Jeannette is awesome, and if you know her, you know this to be true.  I was telling Marie how cool Jeannette’s place is, and told her she ought to go to Jeannette’s apartment sometime.

So, when Jeannette posted the comment online, I took her up on it.  Literally.  I even went a bit further and suggested that we play cards, like the housewives in Mad Men and in I Love Lucy do.

Jeannette was the best hostess, providing Marie and I with an incomparable vegetarian Indian feast.  Jeannette has spent a year teaching herself how to make Indian food, and through reading books and trial and error, she has become an accomplished cook of Indian fare.  It’s an interesting transformation, as I recall a couple of evenings back when I lived in College Park when I played hostess and cooked for Jeannette.  At that time, she didn’t cook much, but now, she can make delicious samosas, curries and condiments thanks to her diligence and determination.

Marie, Jeannette and I were all decked out in “housewife wear.”  Marie was in a dress of mine, complete with a houndstooth headband and an apron I bought for her a while back.  Jeannette was in a cute black number, wearing a full apron she made out of a shower curtain.  Yes, Jeannette made an awesome apron out of a shower curtain.  You can’t even tell it’s handmade.  How boss is that?

The food was amazing.  I’ll have to include a menu of what we ate later, but one of the more impressive items on the plates was the tomato pickle condiment.  I’ve included a photo of Jeannette and Marie with the jar of tomato pickle, which provided a savory-salty kick to the food we ate.  It was a marvelous meal, all the more impressive that Jeannette has gotten this good at cooking in a year’s time.  I cannot stress how good it was, and Marie also was very vocal in how much she enjoyed the food.  Dinner conversation revolved around food, if not the food we were eating, but also cooking tips and suggestions Jeannette had for Marie with regards to Marie’s unused pressure cooker.  It was great to hear them talk about food, sharing food experiences and learning new techniques.  Marie loves to cook, so I think she really enjoyed asking Jeannette questions about the ingredients and components of our meal.

I was content merely with eating.  Mmmm….

Afterwards, we ate a light dessert made by Jeannette, setting the fruit crumble bars I brought aside, as they were a bit heavy for the meal (though they did prove to be a great lunchtime snack for Jeannette the next day).  We continued conversation, I took photos, and Jeannette brought out her massive incense haul she found on the side of the road.

Afterwards, Jeannette taught us how to play Contract Rummy, which was good fun.  We couldn’t quite complete the game, which is actually built of a series of little rounds, but I wound up the victor from the games we played.  It was good fun, and we left Jeannette’s after 10 pm, a good time had by all, with plans in the works for more cooking, card-playing and, perhaps, sweet tea.


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