Socialising at the Social Chameleon

I’ve been hanging out often with my friend and fellow single-lady Mollie, and on her birthday, we went to a place new to me: The Social Chameleon.  It’s a relatively new cafe open in what used to be an antique store, then a tattoo parlour, but it’s now a little place that Mollie describes as “a little Stardust,” not so much in character, but in purpose.  The Social Chameleon is a cafe in Orlando’s Milk District on Robinson Avenue, and they’re open until 2 am on Saturday, which has thus far been the only day of the week I’ve been.

This first time, Mollie and I had a birthday beer in honour of her birthday and enjoyed the cozy atmosphere of the cafe’s interior.  The decor is interesting and eclectic, with tiled tables and a very pretty ceiling treatment using scarves–it’s quite nice.  The staff at the Social Chameleon were very nice and chatty, and were especially familiar with Mollie’s friend (and my new friend) Ryan, who lives walking-distance to the place, and so has become quite the regular.

Mollie and I both chose the Nut Brown Ale from Peak Organic Beer, which was nice and smooth–perfect for fans of Newcastle.  Later that evening, I was thrilled to learn that, despite it being midnight, the kitchen was still open, so I ordered a simple plain cheese pizza on the traditional crust at the very reasonable price of $4.  It’s always good to have a list going on in one’s head of places to get food at late hours, and The Social Chameleon has gotten its name on my list.  In addition to pizza, the cafe also has some dips, a cheese platter and a few other edibles to choose from.  This also includes a few dessert items as well.  The following weekend, after leaving Peacock Room because I was craving a late-night Chameleon pizza, I ordered the key lime pie, which was a tasty treat at such a late hour.

I haven’t sat in the back patio area, but it looks to be a nice place to hang out and meet up with friends.  It’s nicely decorated with a wooden deck to keep it from feeling you’re in what used to be someone’s back parking lot, resplendent with little lights on string and a continuation of the cute decoration from the interior.

From my two late-evening experiences on two separate Saturdays, I’ve had good service, good food and good beer, enjoyed in some good company.  The Social Chameleon is a very cute corner tucked away on Robinson, and if you tire of the normal bar scene, it’s nice to go somewhere relatively quiet–although the folks inside may be watching episodes of Family Guy, as they were the last time I was there–serving up food late into the night.  It hasn’t been crowded at all the two times I’ve been, although this might change once word-of-mouth goes around.  The first night I was there, I bumped into my friend Libia, whom I hadn’t seen in an age, and she seemed to enjoy the place as well.

The Social Chameleon doesn’t have a website as of yet, from what I can gather, but the cafe is located on 2406 East Robinson Street, 32803.  The number that’s listed on their menu is 407-715-2138.  It’s a good place to start out your evening, as Mollie and I did on her birthday before heading out to Redlight Redlight, or to fulfill a pizza craving with something other than the choices available downtown.  I’m sure it’s also great in the afternoons, too, but I haven’t yet experienced it myself.


3 thoughts on “Socialising at the Social Chameleon

  1. Thank you. I am glad you enjoy our little cafe :]

    Just to let you know, we are open 7 days a week from 6pm to 2am. We have Happy Hour from 4pm to 7pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. And Tuesday night is Movie Night.

    Also, our tapas menu changes every week and we have a variety of events and happenings, so come by and check us out!

    – Desiree (Chameleon Staff)

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