Doug’s LARVA at Will’s Pub, and Asia Argento

Yesterday I walked to Will’s Pub in the rain to behold the spectacle that was local bigshot (oh yes) Doug Rhodehamel’s latest work, LARVA.  The three-hour show featured a giant, inflated larva-esque creature spanning the length of the second (ie band) room at Will’s Pub, composed of plastic, balloons, glowing paint and air.  There was even a mini-larva encased in the larger larva, and it was fun to poke at the giant, inflatable installation work with its wonderful day-glo designs.

*poke, poke*

Monopoly Man staring with his cold, dead eyes

After waiting to get a beer, then failing, then leaving the bar area to go poke the larva, then waiting to get a beer, I got a beer–Woodchuck Granny Smith cider, actually–and, after sitting around and not really knowing anyone on a conversational level aside from Doug (who was hobnobbing elsewhere, that bigshot), I stepped up to one of the pinball machines at Will’s.

Now, once upon a time I was a pinball wizard.  Okay, maybe not a wizard, but a savant… okay, maybe I did really well on that one Hook pinball game that was on Kadena Air Force Base that one time when I was in middle school.  Anyway, it’s been a while since I played pinball, so I dropped 50 cents into the Monopoly pinball, never to see it again.  Actually, I should say I was dropping a quarter and then another coin I thought was a quarter until I realised it was a British Ten Pence, which must have been given back to me as change by some odd (but cool) mistake.  Anyway, I think the pinball machine was possessed, as the Monopoly man on the pinball game had his pupils blacked out, so he would stare back at you with this dead stare of his in a sinister, mocking fashion.  As I watched the steel ball freefall outside of my flippery grasps, the young gentleman drinking a Bavik next to me at the South Park pinball machine asks, “Has anyone told you that you look like Asia Argento?”

Actually, I did get that once.  Years ago, when I was at Whole Foods, my cashier seemed rather curiously transfixed as he scanned my groceries.

Whole Foods guy: “Do you know who Asia Argento is?”

Me: “No.”

Whole Foods guy: “Well, you look just like Asia Argento.”

Asia Argento, in a relatively tame photoWhole Foods guy then proceeded to try and tell me what movies she had been in–none I’d ever seen–as he hands my groceries off to the bagger.  Curious to see if this woman does really indeed look like me, I went home and looked her up on IMDB.  She has quite a filmography, but of movies I have never seen, which means I lose some cinemaphile points among some crowds.  At the time, I didn’t catch any of the films she was in, so her name fell out of my mind’s periphery until Marie Antoinette, in which Asia Argento plays Madame du Berry.  Her role was sort of smallish, but all the same, Ms Argento was in the film and had some awesome costume action, and thus far, it’s the only film I’ve seen her in.

Since the nice gent at the other pinball machine has reminded me of my celebrity likeness, which I kinda see… but kinda don’t, this evening I went to Stardust and rooted around for The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things, a movie directed by Asia Argento based on JT LeRoy’s novel of the same name.  We had it in, and now I have the DVD in my bag, ready to watch it tomorrow for the likely event the Winter Park Popcorn Flicks will get cancelled due to rain.  King Kong vs Godzilla is set to screen, but given the rain we’ve been getting, I’m thinking it won’t be happening.  Pity, as it would be awesome to watch it.


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