LARVA action

Doug Rhodehamel has something going on this week: LARVA.  For those of you without Facebook accounts, here’s the 411:

an installation by Doug Rhodehamel

Will’s Worm! Will’s Worm! Party Time! Excellent!

On Tuesday May 26th I will create a giant, inflated, larva-like structure in the lovely Orlando Florida cozy spot that is Will’s Pub.

This will be my first attempt at something like this. If all goes well, it should look really really cool!

Speaking of really cool, A Scissors, as well as Algarhythm will be making some music!

All for the unbelievable price of FREE!


– Big air filled Larva.
– Music by: A Scissors.
– Free!

The event is scheduled from 6 pm until 9 pm.  For those of you unfamiliar with Will’s Pub, or haven’t yet been to its new location, the address is 1040 N Mills Ave, 32803.  I’ve actually got another engagement I may wind up going to that day that won’t be nearly as fun, but hopefully I’ll be out in time to at least catch some of Doug’s newest installation and drink a beer at Will’s.


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