We Came, We Saw, We Drank Beer

So, I went to the Great Orlando Beer Festival with my esteemed colleague who shall be going by the moniker “Mr Snufflenose” for purposes of anonymity (he was supposed to have gone to a birthday party, but I convinced him otherwise).  After finding out I could have gone for free had someone with the hook-up had known (ack!), Mr Snufflenose and I trekked out to Altamonte Springs to eat Indian food at Kohinoor and then go to the beer fest.

We chose to go to Kohinoor at 4 pm, but sadly found out they were closed in-between lunch hours and dinner, otherwise known as 2:30 pm until 5 pm.  Not good, as we had our fun friend Mollie en route, whom we had to call and tell her to turn back around.

As Mr Snufflenose and I were already in Altamonte, we decided to skip food and proceed to the beer fest, which was beginning to be underway.  After parking at the Marshall’s, Mr Snufflenose and I trekked across the span of dead grass and sandy dirt dividing the parking lot from the new condos near Crane’s Roost, passing some baby’s used diaper on the way, prompting Mr Snufflenose to comment how much pride the residents of Uptown Altamonte take in their neighbourhood.

We reached the opposite end of the proper entrance, so we walked past all the beer tents and people to get to the very long pair of lines.  After a bit of grumbling and bitching to ourselves in one of the lines, a festival volunteer informed us that ticket holders can go to the front of the line.  Which we were.  Yays.

Mr Snufflenose and I were given a tiny plastic glass for the beer, and we flitted about going to tents, getting beer, drinking said beer, sweating in the sun, repeat.  I made the grave mistake of drinking Lost Coast Brewery’s Tangerine Wheat Ale, which was so perfect for being out in the hot-ass sun, it made all the other beer I had afterwards taste pathetic in comparison.  It was like having dessert first, thus spoiling your dinner.  The rest of the beers were just flat-out undesireable, although I’m sure many of them would have been tasty had I drank them prior to the Tangerine Wheat Ale.

Damn you, Mellow Mushroom tent!  Damn you for ruining my beer festie with your tasty beer that made everything else taste like a wasted effort!

So, Mr Snufflenose and I eventually bumped into Kate and Rob, who had just arrived on the scene much in the same manner as we had an hour previously–from the other end of the festie.  Once they got their wristbands and glasses, we sat in the sun, drank beer, waited in line for more beer, people-watched and talked.

Mr Snufflenose and I were at the festival around two hours, but because of the heat and our light stomachs, the overall experience was kinda “eh.”  I did find out about the Tangerine Wheat Ale (score!) and realised that stouts taste like soy sauce to me (fail!).  I’m glad I was able to go, but an event like this in Florida would do better in, say, March, when your guests aren’t likely to suffer from heat exhaustion, especially when there’s a charge for bottled water.


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