Go, Go, Great Orlando Beer Festival!

You might have seen the so-called “comment” on my About the Author page:

The Great Orlando Beer Festival is back!

This year we will have even more breweries, and its in a nicer location.

For more info check out http://www.greatorlandobeerfestival.com.

See you there!

Firstly, why is this on my About the Author page?  Secondly, oh snap!  The beer festival is back?!  Hot damn!

Yes, folks, this weekend will be the Great Orlando Beer Festival from 4 pm until 8 pm at Cranes Roost Park… oh, excuse me, Uptown Altamonte (uptown, really?), and yes, this time, I intend to go.  I know I meant to go last year, but I didn’t have the money, and my partners-in-crime decided not to go either, but this time around, I have a dedicated friend who will sample some awesome craft beer with me, and perhaps I can talk another friend into participating as well.  I am the beer festival enabler!!

I plan for a lunch of Indian food from Kohinoor, which has gotten a good recommendation from a coworker who likes food as much as I do, and then we shall make our way over to the beer fest.  It’s $25 prior to Saturday, and an extra $10 the day of, so go get your ticket now.  I’ll be going to Redlight Redlight to buy mine, or I may just buy it online if I don’t feel like buying it in person, providing there isn’t a surcharge.

Among the many breweries that will be participating in the event will be Smuttynose Brewing Company, my new favourite brewing company as of late.  After being tipped off by Brett at Stardust, Smuttynose’s Hanami Ale has become a favourite of mine, and last weekend I treated my pa to pints of Old Brown Dog Ale.  My father was surprised that the beer was even American, with his experience of American beer being distasteful in comparison to what he had when he was a sailor visiting countries in Europe.

Yes, folks, American beer can be good.  I’m not foolin’.  If you need more convincing, why not go to the Great Orlando Beer Festival if you’re in town?  Come to think of it, who wants to be our designated driver?


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