Longing For Rain

It hasn’t been raining in Orlando, and we are in need of some showers.  Not only is it hard to maintain my garden with this consistently sunny and hot weather, but there have been wildfires throughout April, a month known for its “April showers” which didn’t quite deliver this year.

I like rainy days.  Last year in August in rained like crazy here in Central Florida, but I had no problem with it at all, unlike some of the area’s residents who bemoaned the loss of the sun.  I guess I’m the opposite, which doesn’t make me a good candidate for a lifetime Florida resident.


Everything is so much greener after it rains.  Mushrooms come out, and the look so cute popping out of the ground like magic overnight.  My plants would probably be doing a lot better because they wouldn’t need to be watered as much.  Rainy days are perfect for reading books, staying at home and baking, taking naps, playing board games, drinking beer–all activities I like to do, and are best with the accompanying soundtrack of rain upon the roof and against the window.

A friend of mine, Jason, who has been living in Japan for the past two years or so (maybe it’s been three…), had told me that he missed the thunderstorms we get in Florida in the early summer.  I thought it was a sweet sentiment, and hope that these thunderstorms will start up soon.


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