Adobo! Kinda….

They may not admit it, but every vegetarian or vegan has a secret meat dish they crave.  For many, bacon is the lure back to eating omnivorously, a siren song of sizzle and grease, beckoning the weak-willed herbivore.  Although I can resist bacon pretty easily, which is great considering Clark makes it every other day, it seems (our house smells alternately of baked goods or bacon), there is a dish that I do pine for, after fifteen years of being vegetarian, that I wish I could make a veg equivalent of.

It’s my mother’s chicken adobo.

Well, I shall turn my pining into praxis!  After saying I would make it for like a month or so, I finally had a go at making tofu adobo this evening, getting a recipe from Soy Chick, and, well, I think it turned out okay.  I wound up getting some company, so I added more tofu… then realised I had too many solid ingredients, and the adobo wasn’t soupy enough.  Or at least, how my foggy memory as a five year-old watching my ma make adobo can recall adobo looking.  Oh, and I added zucchini, too.  Just ’cause.  So, in adding more soy sauce, oil, vinegar and water, I got my ratios a bit off and the result tasted good, but not great.  There was either too much vinegar or soy sauce… I wasn’t sure.  I still cleaned my bowl for the most part (there was a heaping portion), and I really liked the way the carrots tasted.  I love carrots.

Another problem was the tofu.  Earlier this evening when I went by Whole Foods, I nearly bought seitan instead of tofu, thinking the consistency might be more desirable, more “chicken-like.”  Although the tofu was okay, as it did soak up much of the adobo sauce, the cubes of adobo tended to fall apart while the pot was stirred.

I’m taking some to work for lunch tomorrow, with white rice on the side.  Now that I’ve had one decent attempt under my belt, my days of making vegetarian adobo are just beginning.  I think with some experimentation, I might be able to come up with something that may not taste like my mother’s chicken adobo, but nonetheless be just as good.  My next course of action is to ask my mother if she has a recipe written down for adobo she uses, and if so, I can try and work off of that.

Adobo, I’m on to you!


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