New friends in the form of eateries

Finding a new place to eat is like making a new friend.  Sometimes the restaurant is an okay friend you can see yourself hanging out with if the conditions are right and you’re in the neighbourhood and another (real) friend goes, “Hey, why don’t we stop by?”

Other times, the eatery becomes your new BFF.  So much so you go and see this new friend two days in a row. 

El Coqui Mexicano is just such a friend, a new obsession of mine, recommended to me by two people and, once I finally went there with a friend of mine, I became a believer in the goodness of El Coqui.  Tasty, fresh and AFFORDABLE!  I liked it so much I went again the next day with another friend, who became just as enthused as I.  I ordered the same thing: the sopes with grilled vegetables.  It’s divine, and truly a treat to eat.

I wanted to eat this again last night, but apparently when I went with Clark and Hao, my new friend was already far too busy to hang out with me.  Cars were parked behind cars in the tiny parking lot at El Coqui, and the place inside was jammed so full of people, it was like a night at The Social when a stellar band is playing.  Sadly, I had to concede that a night hanging out with my new friend wasn’t going to happen, so the three of us fell back on an old friend last night, O’Stromboli, to cure our food craving.

This isn’t to say El Coqui Mexicano and I aren’t friends still.  I just have to catch it on a night or a day when it’s not so busy.  The place is open for lunch, and a Saturday session with sopes sounds fantastic.  The restaurant is closed on Sunday and Monday, so we can’t hang out then.  If I don’t manage to get there today, or if El Coqui is too busy once again, we can hang out again another day.

El Coqui Mexicano is on the corner of Bumby and Washington, right behind a cute little used bookstore.  If the parking lot looks filled, beware.


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