How Does Your Garden Grow?

This afternoon I watched The Garden at Enzian, part of the movies showing at the Florida Film Festival.  It was an intense documentary about the 14-acre community garden in Los Angeles and the legal fight to keep the land for use as an urban garden between the local farmers and the city.  I won’t spoil the film for you if you haven’t seen it and want to, but if you would like to know what happens, you can go to The Garden or South Central Farmers.  I strongly recommend the film.  Unfortunately, today was its last showing at the Florida Film Festival, but the producer of the film, who spoke at a Q&A session after the screening, stated that The Garden will be showing at major film markets such as New York City, Chicago and so on, so if it does well there, perhaps it will be screened in smaller markets around the country.

Speaking of gardening, I’ve been engaged with my own attempts at creating an herb garden outside my front door.  I’ve talked about this wee garden in a previous posting, Get Your Garden On, so here is an update about what’s going on with it.  I managed to get a few big cans from Stardust and repotted some plants into these bigger vessels.  The area I had laid down some dirt on in the raised area (visible under the basket) has now begun sprouting little plants, though I’ve forgotten whether these sprouts are the cilantro or the chives.  One row hasn’t sprouted at all, which is a bit of a downer, so I may reseed the little patch after a few more days if there still doesn’t appear to be any more activity.  In the picture, you can also see the area I’ve created on the right-hand side facing the little spot, laying down some soil behind, yes, a wall of beer bottles.  It’s shabby-chic with a drinking problem, with bottles provided by the combined alcoholic efforts of Clark, Mike, Marie and myself, with a couple of bottles from the Stardust recycling bin thrown in for good measure.  I planted the lemon-scented thyme in the plot, and now that I’ve gotten paid today (yay!), I’d like tocontinue to add to this area with more mint and basil.  On Corrine Drive, there is a nursery I’d like to pay a visit to for some seeds, plants, soil, gardening tools and the like.  I’ve never been there, but I drive past it pretty much every day, reading the words on their sign.  A recent one said, “Grow your own.  Obama does.”  It references the vegetable garden on the White House lawn, which is very cool.  

I lack a White House Horticulturalist, but I did get a book from the library recently which will help me in developing this small area of plant development.  Written by RJ Ruppenthal, Fresh Food From Small Spaces challenges the thought that city-dwellers cannot grow their own food, and provides a plethora of tips and information for the urbanite who longs to have a green thumb.  With all the information, I wouldn’t be surprised if I wind up buying this book at some point to take with me if I live in a space in London with access to a private garden, like one place I had happened to see when poking around some rental search sites.  If you’d like to read an excerpt from the book, has a snippet of it on their website.

Get inspired!  It takes something around ten minutes for me to water these plants I have outside, although I expect that time to rise if I continue to add to my little green empire.  Grow, my little minions, grow!


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