I got in!

Tuesday morning, I was getting ready for work and decided to check my e-mail before leaving the house.  I was finishing up a cup of chai as I clicked and typed and, in my inbox, I saw it.

We are very pleased to make you an offer of a place to study at SOAS.


I got in, I got in!  I got into the SOAS MA programme for Anthropology of Food!  I’ll be starting in the fall, which means I’ll be moving to London in the summer!


So now comes the serious business of accepting the offer (oh, yes, please), applying for entry clearance and a student visa, finding a flat, probably getting a roommate (no more crazies, please), sorting out my belongings, etc, etc, etc.  I don’t know which is more intimidating: the move or the graduate curriculum.

Any case, this is all the more reason why I need to go to the restaurants I’ve been meaning to go to here in the US, because soon, I won’t be living in Orlando.  Instead, I will be exploring the culinary delights of London.

Oh boy!


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