Get your garden on

So this weekend I walked to Leu Gardens for their annual plant sale.  I met up with Kate and Rob, who had already been there for about an hour, and made the rounds from stand to stall with them, taking photographs of many flora and… more flora the vendors had to offer.

I was there strictly for edibles, and after a good walk around, I bought an assortment of organic herb plants from these growers out of Eustis.  At two or four dollars a plant, I spent sixteen bucks on a future garden of awesome that will be filled with pineapple sage, two kinds of rosemary, thyme, “mojito” mint and fennel.  Considering you cannot buy bags of fresh herbs at these prices at the supermarket, I thought the plants were great, and so I trundled the two bags of potted plants back home from Leu Gardens.  The new plants joined the mess of dirt-filled cans with sprigs of unknown, and the poor Greek basil that’s decided to live again now that it’s spring.

Sunday evening, I went to Target to buy a bag of organic soil among other things, and spent a good part of the night transferring a couple plants and sprigs around.  I had also gotten some seed packets, and have sown a small area with seeds from cilantro and chives.

At Stardust, I asked for some big cans to be saved for me in order to use them as budget pots.  I’ve already moved the fennel into a bigger pot (although it could go in an even bigger pot), and I’d like to do likewise for the rest of the ones in the wee pots to encourage them to grow.  I’m excited!  It’s all still very modest, and I would like to expand it a bit more, perhaps by creating another raised area on the south side of the house for more plant action.

Although I will be moving to London in the summer (more on that later), I think this foray into gardening will be beneficial in creating something nice to look at outside of the house, as well as ensuring a good, solid supply of herbs for cooking and baking.  When I move, at least I can give whatever I have away to friends and family, or leave some plants behind for the next tenant should Clark move out.


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